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Welcome to New Start Recovery! When you are looking for help to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, New Start can provide you with the answer you are seeking. We give you the chance to enjoy a new beginning after you recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Addiction Treatment Services

At New Start Recovery, the programs that can help you recover will vary. You will have access to a supervised detoxification program, a relaxing facility, beautiful surroundings and treatment that gives you the first step into a new beginning. If you are worried about the pain or discomfort of detoxification, then you can rest assured that you will have help available throughout the entire process. Our professional staff will provide appropriate measures to reduce the discomfort as much as possible while you face withdrawal symptoms so that you can get through the first obstacle toward your recovery.

Our treatment will provide you with intimate one-on-one care and programs that are designed around your individual needs. The counseling program helps determine the causes of your addiction and creates a personalized treatment plan that addresses the problems that you are facing. Along with quality treatment programs, the luxurious surroundings of the facility allow you the opportunity to relax and feel safe while you are working through the underlying causes of addiction.

Addiction Treatment Services

Unique Qualities of New Start Recovery

Selecting the right treatment facility is vital for your recovery. When you are looking for a program or simply want information about your options, New Start can provide you with the tools you need to make the final decision. By calling for more information, you can reach out for a helping hand and get assistance to take the next step in the process of getting started with treatment at New Start.

What sets New Start apart is our staff. The professional staff is not only trained to help you uncover the causes of addiction and treat your individual problems, many have also faced personal challenges with addiction and can understand your obstacles. The understanding staff, beautiful location and wide range of treatment options provide you with quality care that works around your specific needs.

Take your first step toward recovery from addiction today and reach out to get the help you need. By calling to get information, you or a loved one has the opportunity to overcome addiction and recover for a lifetime. Call now.

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