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Getting help for a substance abuse problem takes courage and bravery in itself. Considering the financial resources required may seem like a daunting task on top of that–but it doesn’t have to be. HealthNet offers excellent coverage for rehab programs for those who have a policy. Their policies offer comprehensive coverage for all levels of care, including detox, residential treatment, and outpatient. HealthNet rehab insurance coverage is just one of the in-network options here at New Start Recovery.

HealthNet Rehab Insurance Coverage

The first step to getting help for alcohol abuse or drug dependence is admitting the need for a change. But once a person is open to going to treatment, what factors should be considered when choosing a rehab? The first is usually what your Health Net insurance policy covers facilities. Addiction treatment under Health Net is comprehensive, but the type of policy will typically affect what facilities can take the insurance.

To find if a treatment center accepts your type of Health Net policy, it is best to call the treatment center directly and have your health insurance card ready. Most centers will run your benefits quickly and let you know what kind of coverage you can expect.

New Start Recovery Is In-Network with HealthNet

New Start Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility serving the community since 2013. Our licensed and accredited program offers a continuum of care from acute detox to residential and outpatient. If you seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, we recommend calling our addiction counselors directly to determine what level of care is the best fit.

With locations in Tustin and Santa Ana, California, New Start Recovery provides Orange County patients with comfortable, amenity-rich, medically supervised detox for addiction. Patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield or other insurance can likely gain this detox and subsequent rehab with the support of their policy. To find out what your BCBS policy will cover, simply call New Start Recovery to verify your benefits.

At New Start Recovery, you will have the privacy and dignity you need while undergoing comfortable detox. Supportive addiction specialists and medical professionals supervise your withdrawal process every step of the way. You are also provided with healthy nutrition, daily housekeeping, and other care to enhance your comfort and wellness throughout the process. When you or someone you love are ready to overcome addiction and enter recovery, call New Start Recovery at *DM_DirectNumber format=period* to verify your insurance.