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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

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a person needs CA substance abuse treatment programsNobody chooses to have a drug addiction. Though the first dose may be a matter of choice, narcotics quickly wreak havoc on the brain, actually changing it to make the grip of addiction even stronger and more difficult to shake. Addiction is recognized as a major public health crisis and clinically diagnosable disease. Addiction can take an enormous personal, professional, financial, and relational toll, no matter the particular drugs in question.

However, drug addiction help is available. Recovery is possible for anyone in the grip of drug addiction, but the first step is to understand the disease you are up against. At New Start Recovery, we offer a range of substance abuse treatment programs. Each is geared towards addressing a specific dependency to help individuals heal and achieve lasting sobriety.

What Are the Most Addictive Drugs

Not all drugs are created equal, and some of them may indeed be more addictive than others. Even within a particular category of drugs, there are distinctions. For example, prescription painkillers are less potent than heroin, though both are classified as opiates and can be highly addictive. Understanding your particular level of addiction is key for formulating a custom approach to recovery and is likely one of the first things your addiction recovery specialist will evaluate.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

No matter the substance use disorder you or a loved one is struggling with, New Start Recovery can help. We offer numerous substance abuse treatment programs, each designed to address the specific challenges facing individuals dependent upon the particular drug or alcohol. Our programs include:

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Drug addiction of any kind is serious but also possible to overcome. The first step in the path to drug addiction help is to seek clinical detox. Begin your road to recovery today by contacting our team at New Start Recovery by calling [Direct].