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Mental Health Treatment Programs

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groups are able to work together in mental health treatment programsUnderstanding mental health is a crucial component to overcoming addiction. Often, the two are intimately linked. Addicts must address underlying psychological issues that are driving their behaviors before those behaviors can change. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health acts as a barrier to treatment in many cases.

New Start Recovery’s program is built around breaking those barriers through individual, group, and family therapy. Our case managers are trained mental health professionals who assess each addict’s needs on an individualized basis. That way, we can provide the highest level of care possible by addressing unique circumstances, including coexisting mood disorders, behavioral problems, and/or trauma history. A tailored mental health treatment program such as this at New Start Recovery is much more likely to keep addicts on the road to recovery.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Individuals struggling with a substance use disorder (an addiction to drugs or alcohol) are dealing with a physical disease. While for years, the popular imagination asserted that addiction was simply a matter of willpower (or lack thereof). We now understand that dependency results from changes in brain chemistry due to extended exposure to drugs or alcohol. What makes addiction insidious is that it has both physical and mental effects. Often, individuals will turn to abuse substances as a means of self-medicating to address unknown, underlying mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, this approach does nothing to resolve the mental health concern and greatly increases the risk of addiction.
When this is the case when individuals are dealing with both a substance use disorder and mental health concern, they are said to have a co-occurring disorder. The approach we use at New Start Recovery to address this called dual diagnosis treatment. In this mental health treatment program, individuals not only get the substance use disorder treatment they need but simultaneously the mental health treatment necessary to heal. By getting both issues dealt with at the same time, individuals are less likely to relapse.

How We Address Mental Health

Mood disorders, behavioral disorders, and trauma all play a crucial role in the dynamics of substance abuse. If you or your loved one can’t seem to make it over the hill alone, a mental illness may be to blame. Dual diagnosis is a self-perpetuating cycle of dysfunction that affects vulnerable people who need help the most.

The more severe the mental illness, the more likely a person is to abuse drugs/alcohol. New Start assesses all clients for any mental health problems that may factor into their treatment plan and provides evidence-based therapy to help start their recovery. Through various therapies, our team of addiction treatment professionals can help individuals identify and heal from the mental health issues contributing to or arising from their dependency upon drugs or alcohol. Some of our therapies include:

Individual Therapy

Our staff psychologists have been around the block when it comes to addiction treatment. Each understands that substance abuse is rooted in both physiological AND emotional dependency and that those emotional needs can only be addressed one-on-one.

Group Therapy

This helps clients learn new ways to open up with their feelings and be honest with others. This also provides the opportunity to offer guidance and encouragement to peers in need.

Family Therapy

Including loved ones affected by substance use is crucial. Communication skills (or lack thereof) often contribute to a stressful environment. Family therapy enhances everyone’s ability to set clear boundaries. It also helps loved ones learn how to be supportive of those struggling with substance use.

Find the Right Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Program at New Start Recovery

Healing from addiction takes time and requires patience. Addressing the physical effects of a substance use disorder is important, but equally necessary is dealing with any mental health issues that arise or contribute to dependency. At New Start Recovery, we offer an extensive mental health treatment program addressing:

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