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Partial Hospitalization Program

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a woman receives help in a partial hospitalization centerSeveral types of addiction treatment options exist. Each one is designed to provide specific care based on the needs of an individual. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is one option that allows you to live at home but come in for care frequently. If you are considering addiction treatment, it may be important to know what to expect in a partial hospitalization center like what New Start Recovery offers.

Is a Partial Hospitalization Center Right for You?

Your therapists and treatment specialists will provide a full assessment to determine what level or type of care is best for you. This is an opportunity for them to learn more about your needs based on what’s occurring with you. There are a few key components of a PHP program that are important to understand.
  • A person who may need residential care intensity but wants to spend nights at home may benefit from this program.
  • Those who have a drug-free environment at home with ample support may do well in this option.
  • Many of the therapies and resources provided in residential care are available in a PHP program, with a person still returning home in the evenings.
  • You may be able to get many of the services of a detox center in this type of program.
  • Many people can work through this program with careful attention to their medical, mental health, and emotional needs. It’s a comprehensive level of treatment.

Is PHP Going to Change Your Life?

Many people want to work through drug and alcohol addiction recovery, but they find themselves limited by not wanting to live away from home. This can be incredibly important to many people. In some situations, it can be acceptable to receive the same high level of intensive care as a residential program but to be able to spend nights at home surrounded by your support system. There are limitations on this, though.

For example, family members must be supportive in the goal to live a drug-free life. They also need to maintain the home as drug-free, which can be hard in some situations. Those who have a significant mental health disorder may need more support than this. And, some people should be in a medical detox program initially before moving into this type of PHP environment.

How Our Partial Hospitalization Program Can Help

Our team at New Start Recovery offers resources and tools to support you through treatment. For some individuals, PHP will be the best option to enter immediately. A gradual progression to and through a partial hospitalization program will be the best course of action for others. Our goal is to assess your needs and create an individualized treatment plan to address your goals. We can help you find the right level of care for your specific situation today through these steps. Keep in mind that your needs may change over time, too. That means you may be able to enjoy a step down of service over time.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Sober living program
  • Alumni Support

Explore the Comprehensive Care Options at New Start Recovery

Our partial hospitalization center for addiction recovery is one of the tools we offer to help you achieve your best outcome. If you’re battling addiction and unsure what type of care is best for you, that’s okay. You don’t have to be an expert just yet. However, it is helpful if you take today to reach out to us to learn more about our care. At New Start Recovery, we’re here, ready to support your recovery one step at a time. Call us at [Direct] or learn more by connecting with us online.