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a group celebrates their drug detox centerDetoxifying can be a painful, debilitating, and even life-threatening process. Without professional help from a drug detox program, it is usually unsuccessful, leading to relapse. Patients are safer with a medical team of a medical detox program than they would be otherwise. Dealing with their withdrawal symptoms, somewhere unequipped to handle any severe physical effects of the process, can be a fatal choice. New Start Recovery offers a wide range of drug detox programs.

Benefits of a Medical Detox Program

Withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and even potentially deadly if they’re left untreated. During medical detox, medication can help a patient deal with discomfort. This stops the patient from using the substance to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and make them stop. Patients get the exact amount of medication required, and they’re constantly being monitored so the medical team can keep on making changes in the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) they provide.
A substance use disorder may often come with comorbid conditions – and when undergoing detox, a patient may need treatments for that comorbidity. Medical detox programs can provide that and can also identify when it’s needed. Medications can help keep patients safe and comfortable, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and stabilize their brain chemistry. Some counseling may also help deal with mental disorder comorbidities.

A Drug Detox Program Has a Higher Recovery Success Rate

At-home detox can fail because it’s easier for patients to go back to using a substance to numb the pain of the arising withdrawal symptoms. Without medical supervision, patients can easily give up and stop detoxing.

Medical detox has a higher chance of success – which is important because once someone fails at detox, they’re less likely to try to do it in the future. A medical detox team can also recommend that a patient goes to an addiction treatment program. In many cases, addiction treatment programs often start with medical detox.

It’s very rare for a patient to know exactly what to do during an at-home detox. But a medical detox program will have a medical team that can deal with detoxes professionally.

The patient won’t have to focus on anything other than recovery and following a routine. They won’t get unwanted attention, have unhealthy distractions, or remember when to take which medications. And most importantly, there won’t be a time or a place for a relapse.

Round-the-Clock Medical Support

Some withdrawal symptoms and comorbid conditions can be fatal if individuals are left unsupervised. A medical detox program will detect any medical emergencies that arise once the patient starts to detox and deal with them quickly – without derailing the detox process. Many medical detox programs are inpatient-only. Their patients receive round-the-clock support. Even if a patient is asleep or unaware of a new medical emergency that’s come up during monitoring, they will be treated.

How Can Medical Detox Help With Withdrawal Symptoms?

Some treatment centers can call an inpatient detox program a medical detox program. Some patients, based on their medical detox plans, can detox without medications but with medical supervision. However, many personalized detox plans require medication to ease the worst of a patient’s withdrawal symptoms and help wean them off the problem substance. Medication-assisted treatment can also be used for patients with severe addiction. These patients can receive vital fluids and nutrients while avoiding withdrawal symptoms completely.

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