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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

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There are so many barriers to treatment, and thinking about the financial aspect may seem impossible to some people. But if you have the asset of an Anthem insurance policy, you are closer to recovery than you may think. Their insurance policies are truly an asset for those seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one and will carry people seeking help through detox, into residential treatment, and beyond. Here at New Start Recovery, Anthem rehab insurance coverage is one of the providers we are in-network with.

Anthem Rehab Insurance Coverage

Accepting the need to get help is a tough battle for many addicts. But once they are open to treatment, it shouldn’t be another battle to find a detox and rehab center for them to turn to. If you have an Anthem insurance policy, you are working at an advantage in that department.

To find if a center takes your insurance policy, the best course of action is to get ahold of your insurance card and contact the treatment center directly. There is a standard protocol for these sorts of inquiries. Feel secure that all of your questions and information will remain confidential within our organization under HIPAA laws. Once you place the phone call, an admissions counselor will talk to you about you or your loved one’s situation. It is recommended that all addicts and alcoholics go through detox to ensure safe withdrawals. Alcohol and benzo withdrawal, in particular, can be fatal if not monitored by treatment professionals.

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage

Over the last few years, Anthem policy coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorders has dramatically expanded. Because of advances in our medical understanding of addiction, insurance companies have acknowledged it as a medical disease that qualifies for covered care.

Insurance companies understand that healthy policyholders are the least expensive to treat in the long term. Part of being healthy is getting help for the disease of addiction, particularly since those benefits extend to the entire family of the addict or alcoholic. It is well known in our community that addiction is a family disease, so it’s in the best interest of everyone to get help when they need it.

New Start Recovery Provides Detox and Residential Care for Anthem Policyholders

With locations in Tustin and Santa Ana, California, New Start Recovery provides Orange County patients with comfortable, amenity-rich, medically supervised detox for addiction. Patients with Anthem or other insurance can likely gain this detox and subsequent rehab with the support of their policy. To find out what your Anthem policy will cover, simply call New Start Recovery to verify your benefits.

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At New Start Recovery, you will have the privacy and dignity you need while undergoing comfortable detox. Supportive addiction specialists and medical professionals supervise your withdrawal process every step of the way. You are also provided with healthy nutrition, daily housekeeping, and other care to enhance your comfort and wellness throughout the process. When you or someone you love are ready to overcome addiction and enter recovery, call New Start Recovery at [Direct] to verify your insurance.