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New Start Recovery Offers Detox & Residential Treatment

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When patients find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can feel helpless and alone. But nothing could be farther from reality. Through a quality chemical dependency rehab, life can begin again with a renewed chance for a rewarding and fulfilling future.

Benefits of Chemical Dependency Rehab

A chemical dependency rehab is available for all patients seeking recovery from many substances. These include inpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. When you decide to seek treatment, you will be guided to the right type of program for your individual needs. This guidance will stem from the help of addiction specialists, healthcare professionals, and the results of your addiction assessment.

Drug and alcohol rehab is the second step to long-term sobriety, after the first step of detox. In order to treat your drug or alcohol problem, you must first stop using the chemicals you are dependent upon. This is the role that detox plays, in helping you to gain sobriety that rehab will reinforce through education, support, guidance and therapies.

Benefits of a chemical dependency rehab include receiving the care you need in order to successfully attain and maintain sobriety for the long term. 

To get to long-term sobriety, you will use the following benefits of rehab:

  • Focus on your addiction problem and how to recover
  • Individual counseling to learn more about your addiction and self-awareness
  • Group therapy for peer support and encouragement, greater self-awareness and clarity regarding your issues
  • Nutritional support or dietary guidance for healing and wellness
  • Treatment of underlying health conditions or co-occurring disorders
  • Education in relapse prevention and life skills
  • Accountability through drug and alcohol testing
  • Support through various means, possibly including 12-step program participation
  • Individualized treatment planning

Help In Finding The Right Chemical Dependency Rehab

To get the most from a chemical dependency rehab and ensure that you have what you need to achieve long-term sobriety, it is also important to gain the right type of treatment for your individual needs. Deciding which treatment program to enter is a big decision. But it is not one you have to make alone.

You know you need detox as the first step. Detox will return you to a sober, clear state of being in which you can make good decisions for your future. Through a quality detox facility, you can also gain support in finding a partner rehab program that may be recommended for transition when initial recovery has been gained.

New Start Recovery Is Where Long-Term Sobriety Begins

Freedom from addiction starts while at New Start Recovery in Tustin and Santa Ana, California. New Start Recovery provides medically supervised, attentive detox from drugs or alcohol for patients seeking a fresh beginning in their lives. Comfortable amenities, a beautiful setting, chef-prepared cuisine and so much more, ensure patients feel safe, supported, relaxed and cared for as they take the first necessary steps into recovery.

If you or someone you love are ready to begin recovery from drugs or alcohol, that beginning is available at New Start Recovery. Call New Start Recovery now at [Direct] now.