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Outpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

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Some people, particularly those who have full time jobs or school schedules, encounter difficulty trying to take time out of their lives to get to rehab. Outpatient drug rehab Orange County offers an answer for people who are employed and cannot leave their jobs, as well as people struggling with caring for children. Outpatient rehab, also known as IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment), is typically the third recommended stage of treatment for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. This is after detox (7-10 days) and residential treatment (30-90 days). Outpatient offers a way for people in recovery to continue receiving support from staff and other alumni who they trust and support.

Goal Of Outpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

Regardless of level of the level of care for alcohol or drug treatment, New Start Recovery aims to break the cycle of addiction and give people in recovery the tools they need to live sober, independent lives after completing our program. It is important for individuals and families to understand that not all cases can be handled through an outpatient program. Addiction counselors will evaluate each incoming patient and determine the best course of treatment. This will be dependent on the individual’s physical condition, state of dependency, prior substance use, and other factors.

Individual And Group Therapy

New Start Recovery’s IOP program (outpatient) includes regular individual and group therapy sessions. These occur on a daily or weekly basis depending on an individual’s stage in the program. Options exist to attend in-house meetings. An outpatient treatment setting allows more freedom, but the structure still offers a level of accountability that benefits people in early sobriety. Therapy sessions include focus on ongoing fellowship and relapse prevention. Outpatient drug rehab Orange County seeks to equip individuals with the skills to handle daily struggles, as well as an outlet for processing difficult events in everyday life. This includes fostering effective communication, applying problem solving, and accessing inner strength. Individuals go to outpatient to foster a sense of self-reliance and trust in themselves, as well as in a greater support network when in need.

Who Is Eligible For Outpatient?

The outpatient level of care is most advisable for individuals who have gone through detox and inpatient care, and are at a stable place in their recovery. Low-risk cases do best in outpatient because relapse is so much more accessible with that level of independence. New Start Recovery offers all levels of care, and our intake counselors can determine the most appropriate stage during phone assessments. Our treatment regimens are tailored to each person’s individual needs to work toward the most favorable treatment outcomes. Some individuals require a higher level of care with medical assistance or other health concerns.