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New Start Amplified

Feeling good in sobriety is a big component of lasting recovery. New Start takes a lot of pride in our facilities’ level of comfort and the quality of extracurricular activities we offer clients. We understand that part of our duty as a treatment center is to offer resources for staying sober once clients are discharged. Our Amplified program does this by promoting fellowship through fitness. We partner with Phoenix Multisport, a nonprofit that supports the sober community, to offer gym access and fitness classes for all interested clients in our residential care program.


Rock Climbing



Strength Training



Social Events



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Fellowship Through Fitness

Clarity of mind makes room for engaging activities like biking, climbing, Crossfit, and other healthy recreations that leave you feeling more alert and energized. Pro Tip: The benefits of fitness go beyond just physical health. Amplified works as a group of like-minded individuals who are all truly invested in the long journey of recovery. This opens the door to building a sober fellowship through fitness. How convenient!

Claim your recovery today and get Amplified! 

Build Your Support Network

Group outings build trust in an organic way. Other recovering addicts experienced your struggles firsthand, so they’ll have your back when it really counts.

Share Accountability

Gym buddies help keep us honest and motivated. Amplified buddies are even better because they share the perspective granted by a past in addiction.

Get Rock Hard Abs

Okay, so maybe a six pack is pushing it. But we can all get behind becoming a fitter, healthier version of ourselves. Want to build muscle? Or drop some weight? Amplified can help either way.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

New Start Amplified literally takes recovery to new heights through destination hiking, biking, and more. SoCal has some of the most beautiful scenery and weather in the world, and we take full advantage of it. In addition to our partner’s multisport facility that offers weight training and Crossfit equipment resources, our residential program arranges group outings to local trails and beaches.

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