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Short Term Residential Detox Center for Addiction

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has long reported that detox is an essential part of recovery from physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. This research and information organization of behavioral sciences indicates that a short-term residential detox center provides the solid foundation most patients need for a successful recovery that is long term.

How A Short-Term Residential Detox Center Helps Prepare Your Husband For His Future In Sobriety

Entering a short-term residential detox center is an effective means of preparing patients like your husband to successfully overcome addiction by first cleansing their bodies of substances being used. This detoxification can be initially quite stressful for patients and many feel overwhelmed by the psychological burden of their addiction history and the path to recovery. But when your husband is able to gain the help of professional staff within a short-term residential detox center, he will be able to endure withdrawal comfortably and with the full support and guidance he needs to prepare for the road ahead.

As SAMHSA has long advised, short-term residential detox center treatment also provides the opportunity for patients like your husband to achieve the following:

  • Planning for the future within newly established sober clarity.
  • Clearing their lives of people who are bad influences or used with them in the past.
  • Acknowledging sources of anger or triggering emotions, so they can address and avoid those vulnerabilities.
  • Enlisting support from loved ones and friends
  • Mapping new routes to avoid tempting locations around their home and work.
  • Determining who should not re-enter their lives due to vulnerability through exposure to others who are using.
  • Enlisting the help of loved ones to clean their personal living environment and car of items used as part of substance abuse.
  • Listing and acknowledging the ill effects of substance abuse on their lives, so they can gain hope for what recovery can bring.
  • Resting, relaxation and sleeping in order to recuperate from lengthy physical neglect of substance abuse and re-energize for what is ahead in recovery.

Short-Term Residential Detox Center Treatment Can Build Your Husband's Physical Strength and Hope

A short-term residential detox center doesn’t just help patients eliminate abused substances and other toxins from their system. These centers also help people like your husband regain strength and fortitude toward rehab and a healthier future. In just a week or more, you will notice the significant changes in your husband’s demeanor, clarity, attitude, hope, strength and sobriety that you have long desired. These changes are the beginning of how your life can be in sobriety, as a couple and a family.

Nutritional balance is where some of this returned strength originates. Patients who have abused substances like drugs and alcohol have long depleted their bodies of essential nutrients responsible for good health, energy and physical endurance. Imbalanced nutrition also can make your husband’s detox symptoms stronger. So through nourishment of meals prepared by professional chefs, your husband can regain better cognitive processing, stop making poor decisions, better regulate his mood, and return to good physical health, all while getting through withdrawal more comfortably and safely.

New Start Is The Comfortable, Safe, And Healthy Environment For Your Husband Needs For Short-Term Residential Detox

As the saying goes, it takes a village to effect change. In your husband’s case, a full staff of professionals are needed to ensure his detox needs are met. While you may believe that you can provide many aspects of care for this process at home, you are only one person and family can only dedicate themselves so much. Licensed, certified and dedicated professionals of New Start Detox in Tustin in the heart of Orange County provide the “village” your husband can efficiently and comfortably lean on to gain early recovery in only a week or more.

If you’re ready to help your husband achieve the sobriety you both want for your future as a couple and family, call New Start Detox in Tustin now at 855-741-0633 to learn more about available amenities and methods of treatment. Both of you deserve a full village of support behind you and that support is available at New Start Detox.