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Alcohol Detox Orange County

Claim Your Recovery Today!

For alcohol detox in Orange County, you need to contact our team at New Start Recovery immediately. Any attempt at self-detox will probably not go well for you, since you lack the medical knowledge you need.

Is alcohol detox dangerous?

The answer depends on several factors like the level of addiction, your medical profile, the type, intensity, and duration of detox, etc. If there’s one thing for certain, however, that’s the fact that self-detox is both dangerous and largely ineffective. We have seen a lot of patients resorting to self-detox procedures, often with devastating consequences.

For safe and reliable detox, you need to join a high-end rehab treatment. Our detoxification program is particularly effective because it:

  • Cleanses your body of the alcohol-related toxins
  • Restores the healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • Resets the addicted brain
  • Minimizes the impact of withdrawal
  • Reduces cravings and prevents short-term relapse
  • Alleviates the symptoms of co-occurring disorders
  • Prepares you for the upcoming stages of rehab

Needless to say, detox alone isn’t enough to prevent the relapse for too long. This is why most people who only participate in detox will relapse soon after. We only use medical detox to stabilize your clinical status and get you ready for the next steps in the treatment.

The best alcohol rehabilitation program

Our alcohol rehab program relies on a clear-cut rehabilitation protocol. Aside from targeted medication during the alcohol detox in Orange County, we use a variety of other therapies and programs to promote healing and recovery. These include:

  • W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) – A complex program aiming to deliver lifestyle changes as a means to avoid relapse. This includes avoiding social triggers linked to anxiety, depression, or even alcohol cravings.
  • The Matrix Model – Planning your life post-treatment. This is an overarching program that promotes long-term relapse prevention mechanisms, family education, and bonding, social support, etc.
  • 12-step meetings – The 12-step program is effective at teaching personal responsibility while empowering patients to retake control over their thoughts and emotions.
  • Trauma recovery – Dealing with traumatic events or memories that may have triggered addiction in the first place. We’re also looking at co-occurring disorders that may be the result of alcoholism.
  • Individual and group therapy – These procedures are ideal for promoting peace of mind and emotional support, along with guidance and encouragement.
  • Family therapy – Restoring your bonds with your loved ones is paramount for healthy mental and spiritual development.

Start alcohol detox today!

When it comes to battling alcoholism, time is never your ally. You need to start now, and you must remain loyal to the cause. If you are done with alcohol and want to change your life today, you must join our alcohol detox in Orange County.

At New Start Recovery, we promote one of the safest and most reliable rehabilitation protocols in the market. Joining our rehab is the beginning of a long road for you and your family, and you need guidance and support along the way. Contact us and take the first step towards a better future!