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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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New Start Recovery invites you to one of the most effective and reliable substance abuse recovery programs in the business. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County offers you the opportunity to leave addiction behind and adopt a sober, healthier lifestyle.

How to quit alcoholism

There are no effective D.I.Y. strategies to overcome alcohol addiction. Self-medication is a dangerous idea for obvious reasons while quitting cold-turkey rarely works and only temporarily. Most victims of alcoholism cannot quit due to how severe the withdrawal can be, which is why relapse is so prevalent in people who battle alcohol addiction alone.

To quit alcoholism for good, you need to join a certified rehab program as soon as possible. At our facility, we treat all forms and levels of addiction, providing medical assistance and support for alcoholism, benzo, cocaine, heroin, meth, suboxone, Vicodin, Xanax, etc.

Is alcohol rehab safe?

If it takes place in a certified facility, under the supervision of qualified experts, yes, alcohol rehab is safe. Our treatment follows specific rules based on its success over time. Since alcohol withdrawal can be quite severe, especially in more advanced stages of addiction, we offer 24/7 supervision during the detox stage to help you recover safely.

During this process, our experts will monitor your vitals and record your progress and response to the treatment. Based on the results, they will then recommend various therapies and programs to promote healing, faster recovery, and long-term sobriety. Some of these programs include:

  1. Dual-diagnosis medical support (anxiety, depression, O.C.D., bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mental and emotional traumas, personality disorders, etc.)
  2. Amplified: Fellowship through fitness
  3. Group therapy
  4. Individual therapy
  5. 12-step meetings
  6. The Matrix Model (relapse prevention, family education, social support)
  7. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.)

Remain sober after rehab

Maintaining sobriety after completing the rehabilitation program is a lifetime commitment. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County is the best tool in your fight against relapse. With the help of our clinicians and therapists, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid social triggers that may cause you to relapse (people, places, situations linked to your past addiction)
  • Regain control over your emotions and thoughts
  • Overcome your mental traumas and become more positive and optimistic
  • Fight off your negative impulses
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle (adopt new hobbies, workout more, become more socially active, etc.)
  • Keep your family around you
  • Become more supportive, forgiving, and honest with yourself and others, etc.

For any former addict, sobriety is never a goal, but a lifestyle. Because once you achieve it, you now have to fight to preserve it. It must become a life value that will further influence your decisions over the years. As a result, our rehabilitation program is more of a transformative experience, providing you with the tools for a better life.

At New Start Recovery, we can help you quit drinking for good. All you need is the courage to join our alcohol rehab in Orange County, and we will take it from there. Contact us today, and let’s get it started!