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Best Orange County Rehab Centers

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Substance addiction is a chronic disorder with lethal potential. At New Start Recovery, we have some of the best Orange County rehab centers, taking in patients from all walks of life and dealing with all forms of addictions.

When to enter drug rehab?

Drug addiction is a life-threatening condition, which is why you need to begin treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of withdrawal. If withdrawal occurs several hours after you’ve stopped taking the substance, you may have developed a form of addiction. In this scenario, your options are limited because the disorder will progress fast, and there is little you can do on your own.

Self-medication is always a mistake, and those who attempt it usually make things worse. To avoid complicating your situation even further, you must seek professional help fast. At our facility, we have built an outstanding rehab program that fits the requirements for all stages of addiction. This includes residential treatment, I.O.P. (Intensive Outpatient Program), medical detox, Alumni, and aftercare support.

Can rehab centers cure addiction?

The short answer is no because substance addiction is a chronic disorder, like diabetes, for instance. Compared to other chronic disorders, however, you do have a saying in whether the disorder will relapse or not. This is what we do here, at our rehab centers in Orange County – we teach people long-term management strategies to promote sobriety and healthy living.

Our best Orange County rehab centers in California achieve this through a multi-disciplinary program, encompassing various clinical procedures. These include:

  • Intake and detox – The detoxification process allows us to use targeted medication to stop the withdrawal, restore the normal functioning of the nervous system, and prepare you for subsequent therapies.
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment – We identify and address co-occurring disorders, whether they have caused your addiction or emerged from it. This will both speed your recovery and prevent long-term relapse.
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.) – Includes concepts like daily maintenance planning and crisis planning. In other words, it teaches you how to avoid relapse by adopting a healthier lifestyle plan.
  • The Matrix Model – Offers support and education in areas like social functioning, relapse prevention, family life, and more.
  • Individual and group therapy – These procedures focus on teaching self-awareness, honesty, confidence, and the drive to move forward towards a better life.

These programs represent the core of our rehab protocol, but there are many more to account for.

Stay sober and vigilant!

Since addiction is a chronic disorder, you will need a well-rounded relapse prevention system in place to keep you safe over the years. The high-end rehab programs that we’re using represent the foundation of our best Orange County rehab centers. Here, we teach people the value of life and how to achieve freedom and happiness next to their families.

Don’t allow addiction to break your life apart! Come to New Start Recovery and learn how you can regain control over your destiny. At our facility, you will learn from people who have fought the same battles you do and came out on top. Call us for an immediate appointment!