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Costa Mesa Rehab

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For immediate in-depth Costa Mesa rehab, we advise you to contact New Start Recovery as soon as possible. Early treatment is critical when considering advanced addictions or dangerous substances with the potential to aggravate your condition fast. Our rehabilitation program is perfect for dealing with even the most aggressive conditions, ensuring optimal recovery in a comfortable and secure setting.

When to go to a rehab facility?

We always advise people to contact us as soon as they begin experiencing the first withdrawal signs. That’s the first indicator that they have developed a form of substance addiction, and seeking immediate medical and psychiatric help is paramount at this stage. It is a lot easier to address addictions in incipient stages when the damages are still mild, and the condition is fresh. As you postpone the treatment, your health status will begin to deteriorate at an increasingly higher rate.

Untreated addiction can cause a multitude of health issues, including co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, emotional imbalances, etc. In turn, these will affect your social and familial life, leading to broken relationships, work-related and financial problems, and even legal issues. To prevent all these problems, you need to contact our professionals as soon as you notice severe cravings and side-effects after attempting to quit.

What rehab facility to choose from?

The ideal rehabilitation facility should provide a well-rounded rehabilitation experience for immediate recovery and long-term benefits. Detox-only centers don’t fall into this category due to their obvious limitations, and the same goes for inpatient-only facilities. Our rehabilitation institution is the perfect choice for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Structured recovery protocol (detox, inpatient treatment, IOP, alumni aftercare, family support)
  • Extensive dual diagnosis treatment for high-risk co-occurring disorders (anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, personality disorder, codependency, etc.)
  • High-end amenities and living conditions, promoting comfort and peaceful recovery
  • A qualified and friendly staff at your disposal 24/7
  • Utmost care, consideration, and empathy for our clients
  • Non-judgmental and supportive recovery environment

Our Costa Mesa rehab operates under the industry’s highest quality standards, promoting personalized care and patient-oriented recovery programs. This is the type of assistance and support you need to recover from your addiction and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle over the years.

Is addiction curable?

It is not curable in the conventional sense of the word since addictions are chronic disorders. This means that they can return if you lack a proper long-term management plan and don’t change your lifestyle significantly after rehab. Most rehab patients relapse at some point in their lives because they lack adequate guidance and support during the rehab treatment.

Our Costa Mesa rehab treatment will change that thanks to our Alumni aftercare program that promotes personal development growth, healthy lifestyle changes and embracing long-term sobriety as a tool to a more fulfilling life.

Contact New Start Recovery, speak to our rehab specialist at (855) 737-7363, and ask for information about our recovery programs! You can come in for clinical assessment and intake today if you’re ready to begin your transformative journey as soon as possible.