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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Claim Your Recovery Today!

If you’re looking for reliable drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, we welcome you to join our rehabilitation program today. We offer extensive rehab services for a multitude of substances, including alcohol, benzos, heroin, cocaine, meth, methadone, Xanax, etc.

Is addiction treatment risky due to COVID-19?

While the new coronavirus has spread disaster in the US over the past several months, it hasn’t stopped us from functioning at the highest standards achievable. At our facility, we have minimized the risk of infection with COVID-19 by adopting a series of protective measures. These include:

  • Preparing and educating the staff on risks and preventive measures
  • Applying regular sanitizing procedures according to the State of California guidelines
  • Constant staff training and patient education
  • Building sufficient stocks in sanitary supplied medication, vitamins, etc.
  • COVID-19 screenings before admission, etc.

We’re continually working on providing our clients with a safe, comfortable environment where they can recover and heal in peace. In reality, the risk of contracting the coronavirus is higher in society at large than inside our facility. Don’t let your fears of contracting COVID-19 prevent you from attending our rehab program. By doing that, you will only delay the treatment that might save your life.

The best drug and alcohol treatment

The optimal rehab program should provide you with both immediate relief and long-term benefits. Since substance addiction is a chronic disorder, the “cure” revolves around long-term management of cravings and relapse prevention. Our program of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County prioritizes prolonged recovery support to ensure constant progress and healthy, sober living.

Some of the programs and procedures available at our facility include:

  • Medical detox – Using medication to cleanse the system of toxins, restore the normal functioning of the nervous system, and stabilize your physiological functioning. It is the main tool against withdrawal with immediate benefits.
  • Residential care – This form of treatment is ideal for patients dealing with more severe stages of addiction. During the program, you will remain under strict supervision, with a team of experts ready to assist if necessary.
  • Outpatient treatment – The outpatient treatment is perfect if you don’t have time for residential care or you don’t need it. You will still receive top medical and therapeutic care, but without having to remain at our facility overnight.
  • Alumni and Aftercare – The Alumni program prepares you for social reintegration, providing extensive aftercare support for sustained recovery.

Recover from addiction fast!

The battle against addiction is a battle against time. To prevent irreversible physical, psychological, or even social and legal problems, you need to join our professional rehab program immediately. With our help, you will be able to overcome withdrawal safely and as painless as possible, regain your confidence, and build the foundation for a sober life.

At New Start Recovery, we are a family of qualified experts at your disposal. Join our top program for drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County today and begin your road to sobriety! Our door is open 24/7 if you want to talk to someone or wish to start the treatment.