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Fentanyl Detox Orange County

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Beating fentanyl addiction can be a challenging endeavor. However, winning this struggle is possible with our fentanyl detox in orange county. New Start Recovery offers unsurpassed Fentanyl addiction treatment at budget-friendly prices and helps individuals embrace sobriety using a customized treatment plan.

Top reasons to seek help for fentanyl addiction

Fentanyl is a synthetic pharmaceutical drug, 50 to 100 times stronger than Morphine. The drug alleviates chronic pain, reduces inflammation and discomfort in cancer treatment patients, and assists those recovering after surgery. While Fentanyl medications block the pain receptors in the brain, they can increase dopamine production. Increased production of dopamine in the brain for prolonged periods can impair the chemical makeup of your brain and prevent you from functioning normally without Fentanyl.

Besides, fentanyl abuse may depress the respiratory system and cause symptoms like slowed breathing, seizures, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, itching, etc., over time. Leaving Fentanyl abuse untreated can lead to dangerous consequences and put you at an elevated risk of fatal overdose and respiratory system failure.

Warning signs of fentanyl addiction

Most people see Fentanyl as a harmless drug compared to the more addictive drugs like heroin, opiates, etc. However, using it in the long term puts you at high risk for accidental and intentional abuse. Fentanyl impacts the Central Nervous System (CNS) and chemically alters the brain. Fentanyl use can stimulate excess dopamine production in the brain and cause severe neurochemical changes.

Fentanyl can cause you to develop a dependence on the drug and tempt the users to attempt illegal methods to acquire it. Your body will develop a tolerance to Fentanyl in no time, causing you to use the drug in large quantities to feel the same buzz as before. Here are a few signs of fentanyl addiction to look out for:

  • Strong desire to quit fentanyl use but unable to do so
  • Experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms when you cut down on the dosage or refrain from using Fentanyl for several hours
  • Using Fentanyl prevents you from fulfilling your everyday obligations and work-related responsibilities.

Besides, if you find yourself using the drug in larger quantities than intended, you must seek professional help. Signing up for fentanyl detox in orange county may be a good place to start your journey towards sobriety.

Fentanyl addiction treatment process

Quitting fentanyl cold turkey may not only put you through a lot of misery but can lead to life-threatening emergencies. The painful withdrawal symptoms that follow after ceasing Fentanyl intake are inevitable and only underoing treatment at a specialized rehab center can help you recover.

The Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms can vary based on the severity of your addiction and several other factors. Recovering addicts typically experience irritability, chills, sweating, restlessness, etc. While the Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are predominantly non-lethal, recovering addicts are still vulnerable to relapse. We prevent our clients from relapsing via around-the-clock medical supervision, customized detoxification treatment, psychotherapy, counseling, and alumni care programs.

Call New Start Recovery at 833.433.0448 to sign up for our fentanyl detox in Orange County. It is pivotal to seek help in the early stages of your addiction to prevent adverse health consequences. Contact us today to verify your insurance.