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Huntington Beach Rehab

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It is essential to know that inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is never a quick fix when looking at rehabilitation. The changes made and insights gained when spending time in a Huntington Beach rehab become the foundation of your recovery. When it comes time to make some changes in your life to get on a path to sobriety, New Start Recovery is here to help.

Why Choose New Start Recovery?

If you start to search Huntington Beach rehab centers, you need to have a list of elements to look for. Our rehab center offers a broad range of treatment programs to help those struggling with drug addiction. To get you pointed in the right direction on your search, we have put together some things to look for, including:

Certifications, Licensing, and Accreditation

Any reputable Huntington Beach drug and alcohol detox will have all of the right certifications, all up to date. Such certifications offer potential clients trust that the facility is up to industry standards and they have a commitment to quality care for all who enter.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

It is important to know that they are often intertwined with mental health issues on some level when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. When you are looking for a Huntington Beach rehab, you should always seek a program that will evaluate you for any mental health concerns. Several co-occurring mental issues call for specific therapies and major recovery roles. Some of these conditions include:

  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Medical Detox

Depending on the drugs in your system and the length of time you have been using, medically-assisted detox might be your best option. With medical detox, you have staff available at the residential detox center in Huntington Beach to monitor your withdrawals and help you safely manage the symptoms with medication.

Treatment Program Length

It is common for someone to ask how long they will be in rehab. Again, this depends on the needs of the addict, the time they have been addicted, and other outside factors. For example, an IOP program in Huntington Beach will give someone the care they need while they can still tackle responsibilities in the outside world – such as school, work, and family life. Other addicts will be better off in an inpatient setting with round-the-clock supervision and support.

When you want to work on your health and wellness while entering into a life of sobriety, the team at New Start Recovery is here to help. We are committed to your comfort and safety, creating an environment with the support and amenities that you need. We offer drug and alcohol detox, mental health evaluations and treatment, and all of the help you need to start working on a healthier, sober you! If you have any questions about our Huntington Beach rehab, please give us a call at (866) 954-7360 so that you can talk with an addiction pro. We would love to help you regain your life without the hold of drugs or alcohol.