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Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County Ca

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At New Start Recovery, we specialize in treating a variety of addictions, dealing with substances like meth, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, opioids, etc. Our top intensive outpatient program in Orange County, is ideal for regaining control over your life fast by recovering safely and in a controlled environment. But what’s the ideal rehabilitation program for you, and how can you tell?

The difference between outpatient treatment and IOP

When it comes to combating addiction effectively, choosing the right program can make all the difference in the world. Our facility offers structured rehab in Orange County, CA, based on our patients’ clinical profiles, needs, and recovery goals. If you don’t know what treatment fits you the best, here are the core differences between IOP and regular outpatient programs:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP comes right after the inpatient program, functioning as an extension of the latter to promote sustainable sobriety and recovery. Our leading drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County relies on in-depth detox and inpatient treatment to stabilize patients and allow them to begin the healing process, but that’s only part of the recovery process. We then rely on IOP services to help patients build upon the foundation they’ve already created during inpatient treatment and further their sobriety goals.

IOP relies on day treatments for five days a week, allowing patients to return to their families every night for comfort, recovery, and relaxation. It is the perfect treatment option for individuals with supportive families who can rely on their loved ones’ moral and spiritual support. IOP takes patients through multiple therapy sessions, both individual and with groups, and provides support with employment and education.

It is one of the fundamental components of the rehabilitation program at our detox center in Orange County, CA.

Outpatient program

Outpatient programs provide the last level of care with weekly therapy and counseling meetings. They are generally less structured overall, only relying on 12-step meetings, management therapies, and individual and group counseling sessions whenever necessary. People can opt for outpatient care if they feel like they need additional confidence and mental and spiritual guidance.

Which program fits you the best depends on your addiction’s type and severity. More intense conditions with aggressive withdrawal and life-threatening side-effects require inpatient care at our drug and detox in Orange County, California. We can manage milder forms via treatments like IOP and outpatient care, using medication, therapy, and guided recovery services.

How to sign in rehab

If you need the services of the best rehab for addiction in Orange County, you can contact our professionals at your own discretion. We’ll set an appointment for immediate clinical intake, where our experts will gather all the information they need to craft a patient-oriented detox and recovery program for you.

Call New Start Recovery at (855) 737-7363, fill us in on your situation, and we’ll take it from there. You can ask for details about our insurance coverage or the intensive outpatient program in Orange County, CA, and arrive for an in-depth clinical assessment today.