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Mental Health Facilities In Orange County Ca

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Dual diagnosis is when someone has two medical conditions: substance use disorder and an underlying mental health illness. Both are also referred to as co-occurring disorders. It is estimated that about half of Americans with an addiction also suffer from a mental health disorder. To make recovery sustainable and effective, it’s essential for people with a dual diagnosis to receive an integrated treatment approach that addresses their addiction and mental health condition. At New Start Recovery, we’re one of the top mental health facilities in Orange County CA that utilizes evidence-based and holistic treatment for dual diagnosis.

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders Go Hand-in-Hand, and That is Why It’s So Important to Treat Both Problems in Rehab, As We Do

Treating an individual with a co-occurring disorder is different from treating addiction on its own. Dual diagnosis requires comprehensive and combined treatment modalities to increase the chances of success.

By going to a leading dual diagnosis rehab like ours, the specialists can best identify the underlying causes of both your substance use and mental health illness disorders, understand the connection between the two, and provide the right treatment. Here’s a closer look at why it’s important to have both conditions treated in a facility for drug and detox in Orange County, California.

  • You’ll Understand What Triggers Your Substance Use

A big part of dual diagnosis treatment in a detox center in Orange County, CA, is knowing how your addiction triggers your mental health illness and vice versa. As the best rehab for addiction in Orange County, once we identify your triggers, we will provide you with the tools required to help you avoid or cope with these triggers.

This enables you to overcome what controls your life. During your time in rehab, we will create an action plan to reduce your chances of relapsing.

  • Coping with Emotional Pain

One of the main reasons people fall into addiction is emotional pain. Without proper coping skills, you may turn to alcohol or drugs to dull your pain. While this might work for a while, substance use usually spirals out of control, making your life unmanageable.

In a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County like ours that address co-occurring disorders, our guests learn how to process their feelings as well as work through them in a healthy manner. Only then can they be able to beat their addiction and start their journey to lasting recovery.

  • You Can Receive the Proper Treatment

Was alcohol or drug use your means of self-medicating if you have a mental health disorder? Perhaps pharmaceutical medications may have contributed to your addiction? Or maybe you thought prescription medications couldn’t work for you?

Whatever your situation, you need close monitoring, support, and expertise that a top dual diagnosis rehab in Orange County, CA, can provide. At New Start Recovery, our team will constantly make sure you take the prescribed medication correctly while at the same time treating your substance use disorder. You’ll be surprised by all the difference the right treatment for dual diagnosis can make in your physical and mental health.

Begin Your Journey to Lifelong Recovery with Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We know that treating your addiction and ignoring the co-occurring disorder can set you up for a relapse down the road. So, if you are diagnosed with a mental health illness alongside an addiction problem, we can help. As one of the unsurpassed mental health facilities in Orange County, we provide a highly-structured, holistic treatment plan that simultaneously addresses the conditions and paves the way for your successful, long-term recovery. Contact New Start Recovery (855) 737-7363.