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Mission Viejo Rehab Facility

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Ranked at par with the mission Viejo rehab facility, New Start Recovery offers unparalleled substance abuse treatment, therapy, and care in a world-class treatment center. Our team of experienced and skilled clinicians provides the highest level of addiction treatment and care and helps our clients achieve their wellness goals.

How do I speak to my employer about my upcoming rehab treatment?

Be honest with your employer about your behavioral disorder and how you wish to beat it by seeking professional treatment. Any organization that values its employee’s interests and wellness will approve of your decision to seek treatment at a rehab facility. Besides, the sooner you get better, the more productive you can be at work, and your employer should be able to see and realize it.

Ensure all your current projects are taken care of at work while you are away. Besides, there are a number of laws and acts to protect your job if you choose to attend rehab treatment for your substance abuse disorder. Should you face discrimination or backlash at work for deciding to mission Viejo rehab facility for recovery, you can always file a charge at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

How do I pay for addiction treatment?

The cost of rehab often becomes a deterring factor for most people battling substance abuse disorders, preventing them from seeking the professional assistance they need to get better. You can pay for addiction treatment using private health plans like United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue cross Blue shield, Aetna, etc. You may also use Obamacare to cover the cost of rehab services. ACA-sponsored policies typically cover 60 – 90% of the addiction treatment’s costs.

Those eligible for Medicare and Medicaid can use these federal and state-sponsored health benefits to pay for addiction treatment. If you have savings or an IRA or a 401(k) plan, you may use it to pay for your addiction treatment. If none of these is an option for you, you can always get a home equity loan or approach a third-party lender to borrow some cash to meet rehab treatment costs. The important part here is starting your rehab treatment asap.

How to pack for inpatient rehab treatment?

Some rehabs follow a stricter policy than others. Make sure to call up our rehab facility beforehand to learn about the list of things you can bring with you. Here are some relevant pointers to help you with the packing:

  • Do not pack more than a week’s worth of clothing and shoes. Most rehabs provide clients with access to a laundry machine.
  • Carry a list of names, the contact information of those you wish to contact during your treatment
  • Bring with you 30 days’ worth of toiletries and beauty products.

Contact New Start Recovery at 833.433.0448 to sign up for our addiction treatment. As one of the top rehabs in California, we create customized treatment plans and prevent our clients from relapsing in the long term with our aftercare programs. Your search for a mission Viejo rehab facility ends here.