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Newport Beach Rehab

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New Start Recovery is your ideal destination if you need Newport Beach rehab urgently. We offer drug and alcohol rehab in Newport Beach in a serene, comfortable, and secure environment, where patients can focus on their long-term sobriety goals and heal at their own pace. Here are several reasons why we should be your first choice when seeking immediate expert assistance with your addiction:

1. Structured recovery protocol

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Newport Beach relies on a structured approach to combat even the most severe and advanced addictions, no matter the substance involved. This structure refers to using multiple medical, psychiatric, and holistic procedures to combat the withdrawal, reset the addicted brain, and stabilize the patient mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here, we include programs like:

  • Medical detox
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Luxurious residential treatment
  • Suboxone Maintenance
  • IOP
  • Alumni aftercare
  • Family support, etc.

2. Wide range of treatments available

Unlike many other facilities, our detox center in Newport Beach, CA, offers medical and psychiatric assistance for multiple addictions and co-occurring disorders. We address substances like cocaine, heroin, meth, methadone, opioids, alcohol, benzos, Xanax, and other drugs that have a high risk for triggering addictive behavior. Our team also addresses co-occurring disorders extensively, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, emotional traumas, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, codependency, etc.

3. Utmost comfort with top amenities

Our patients’ comfort is paramount for sustainable recovery and healing during and after the treatment. We strive to offer the finest living conditions, including amenities like luxurious bedrooms, wide-open spaces for recreation and group interactions, flat-screen TVs, fitness routines, etc. We also have an in-house chef ready to prepare delicious gourmet meals, ideal for feeding our patients’ bodies and spirits. These features promote healthy recovery in a welcoming and serene living environment.

4. Extensive aftercare guidance and assistance

Rehab facilities that lack adequate aftercare support always fail to deliver long-term results. Many patients end up relapsing within the first year of finalizing the inpatient treatment, while others will relapse years later. Our goal is to eliminate the risk of relapse for good, and this is where our Alumni program comes in. Our program for drug and detox in Newport Beach, California, relies on Alumni care to promote long-term sobriety, relapse prevention, and healing through peer support and community involvement. The Alumni program will allow you to reshape your life, get a better job, fix your family relationships, and learn how to become self-sufficient and prosperous.

5. Family support and assistance

Substance addiction doesn’t affect just the persons directly involved. It also affects families and loved ones, leading to trust issues and broken relationships. Our best rehab for addiction in Newport Beach is set to change that via our extensive family support system. This approach allows us to promote family unity and support, teaching family members how to help their loved ones overcome these difficult times and strengthen themselves mentally and emotionally.

Contact New Start Recovery for immediate Newport Beach rehab at (855) 737-7363, and one of our rehab specialists will take your case immediately!