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Orange County Drug Rehab

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If you’ve been looking for a reliable Orange County drug rehab, we invite you to New Start Recovery. At our facility, we offer the highest level of care, comfort, top-notch recovery programs, and the opportunity for a better life.

How to overcome addiction fast

The only way you can recover from addiction fast is by entering a professional rehab program asap. Drug addiction usually progresses fast, and it comes with life-threatening effects over time. Since you cannot battle withdrawal alone, and relapse is common during the recovery process, our rehab program is your only chance at sobriety.

To help you overcome addiction, we employ a well-designed system for an effective, well-rounded rehab experience. Our treatment consists of several critical steps:

  • Intake and assessment – We take you in and assess your medical status to get a grasp of your clinical profile. It will help us build the foundation for a personalized rehab experience of extreme efficiency.
  • Detoxification – We use medication to stabilize your physiological functioning, reset the addicted brain, eliminate the drugs from your system, and control withdrawal. The detox stage is critical at the beginning of the treatment, as it prepares you for the next stages.
  • Residential care and support – Residential care refers to providing 24/7 medical and psychiatric assistance to stabilize your mental functioning and avoid relapse. We offer a comfortable environment in our luxurious facility, which promotes healing, sobriety, and a sense of community.
  • Dual diagnosis – Our experts provide treatment and support for dealing with co-occurring disorders like anxiety, O.C.D., schizophrenia, trauma, depression, etc. This will speed your recovery and prevent long-term relapse.
  • I.O.P. (Intensive Outpatient Program) – This form of treatment allows our Orange County drug rehab to promote a support a sober life through a variety of strategies. These include coping skills, budgeting assistance, sobriety mentorship, time management, crisis management W.R.A.P. and Matrix Model, etc.
  • Sober living – Sober living refers to a preparatory stage, during which our experts will help you transition towards a normal, healthy, drug-free life.
  • Alumni and Aftercare – The Alumni Program follows your progress after completing the rehab treatment. During Alumni, you will meet individuals invested in building a sober life, receive counseling via video chat or by phone, learn to manage your finances and get a job, etc.
  • Family support – It’s no secret that your family can make or break your addiction. The support of your loved ones throughout these difficult times and beyond is paramount for your success.

Get rehab during COVID-19

Getting help for drug addiction is a matter of life and death, which is why we’re open 24/7, even during the COVID-19 era. Our Orange County drug rehab facility follows all the guidelines of the State of California, which means we offer:

  • COVID-19 screenings
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Strict hygiene protocols
  • Staff training and education
  • Stocks of food, vitamins, meds, and essential items to avoid shortages, etc.

At New Start Recovery, we offer one of the most effective rehabilitation programs in the business. Contact us and communicate to our experts for a quick appointment!