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Often, persons with a substance abuse disorder are more likely to develop a mental health illness, and vice versa. Living with addiction and mental health illness can feel overwhelming, and when left untreated, both conditions can considerably lower the quality of your life. The good news is, you can get help for your co-occurring disorder.

At New Start Recovery, we’re a rehab in Orange County CA, with a team of experienced professionals who use evidence-based, comprehensive treatment modalities to help our patients make successful recoveries. By addressing both issues simultaneously, we solve problems at the root. What’s more, we will work with you every step of the process, starting from evaluation to aftercare planning.

What We Treat

We have years of experience treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our reputation precedes us as one of the best addiction treatment centers in Orange County. Some of the services we offer include:

Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug or alcohol addiction may seem like a choice to people who don’t understand the disorder, but it’s not. Alcohol and drugs are highly addictive and may cause psychological dependence, making it difficult to stop using the substances. However, it is possible to achieve sobriety. As a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, we use an integrated, holistic, and individualized approach to treat substance abuse. We dig deeper to understand the root of the problem and address the issue to ensure our guests achieve lasting sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis

The stigma surrounding mental health illness hinders people from getting the help they need. Understanding the mental health of a patient plays a significant role in substance abuse treatment. Treatment for persons with an alcohol or drug use disorder entails looking deeper at their early traumas and personal experiences that drive the substance use to address the underlying problem.

It is not uncommon for individuals to experience a mental health disorder such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, or depression, and addiction at the same time, a term referred to as dual diagnosis. By addressing the chemical dependency and mental health issues simultaneously, the chances of a successful recovery are higher. If you are searching for the finest Orange County drug treatment centers that also offer dual diagnosis treatment, look no further. At New Start, we use an integrated approach to treat co-occurring disorders at the same time.

Leading Rehab Center Dedicated to Your Successful Recovery

Getting professional help for your addiction and mental health illness from a reputable treatment facility will ensure you attain lasting sobriety. At New Start Recovery, we understand the need for community and support for you or your loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. As one of the premier drug addiction treatment centers in Orange County CA, we strive to provide the best residential treatment program in Orange County. If you’re looking for a top rehab in orange county ca, we are here for you. Contact New Start Recovery to get the help you need for yourself or your loved one, and you can verify your insurance on (855) 737-7363.