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Outpatient Rehab Orange County

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We invite you to New Start Recovery today for customized drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA. Our outpatient rehab in Orange County is the ideal choice if you’re struggling with addiction and seek immediate medical and psychiatric treatment. Our experts can help you decide between the different treatment programs depending on your recovery goals and unique medical needs.

Inpatient vs. outpatient rehab program

If you need immediate drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, you need to make an appointment at our facility for immediate assessment and intake. Only our experts can tell which type of rehab treatment is ideal for you, depending on your addiction’s specifics and overall health state.

Inpatient/Residential treatment

The inpatient treatment is the perfect choice for individuals battling advanced addictions who can no longer care for themselves. Their withdrawals have already reached critical phases, and the victims’ physical and mental states are degrading fast. In this case, they need immediate detox, dual diagnosis treatment, and therapy in a controlled, safe, and comfortable environment, and that’s where the inpatient treatment shines.

The inpatient program places you in a home-like environment, where you will undergo specific procedures, each with its own purpose and benefits. These include:

  • Patient-oriented detoxification services at our detox center in Orange County, CA
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Amplified: Fellowship Through Fitness
  • Trauma recovery support
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for post-rehab crises management and maintenance planning
  • 12-step meetings
  • Social activities
  • Matrix Model for long-term relapse prevention and social support

The inpatient program is the ideal form of treatment for advanced addiction cases, where patients require 24/7 assistance and monitoring to ensure a sustainable and smooth recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is a critical component of our structured drug and detox in Orange County, California, designed to build upon the inpatient program’s foundation. It offers a lower level of care and medical assistance than inpatient treatment, but it’s a core component of the recovery process nonetheless. More than anything, IOP offers a more flexible treatment approach since people can return home after every treatment session to spend time with their loved ones.

IOP relies on long-term Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and individual and group therapy meetings to promote sobriety, social reintegration, and long-lasting stability. The outpatient treatment will help you bond with other people fighting the same battles, regain your confidence and self-esteem, and retake control over your life.

Who is a good candidate for outpatient drug rehab treatment?

The ideal candidates for our IOP treatment are individuals who have either completed the inpatient treatment or didn’t need it in the first place. IOP is for addiction victims with manageable disorders who can recover at home and don’t require intensive care or medical assistance. If you seek the best rehab for addiction in Orange County, we invite you to make an appointment at our facility today!

Call New Start Recovery at (855) 737-7363 for information about our outpatient rehab in Orange County, and one of our rehab specialists will take your case immediately!