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Oxycodone Detox Orange County

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In case of Oxycodone (Oxycontin) addiction, we advise arriving at our facility for immediate Oxycodone detox in Orange County. At New Start Recovery, we know that opioid addictions tend to be the most severe and difficult to treat due to opioids’ highly addictive nature.

Can I detox from Oxycodone addiction at home?

No, and we advise against attempting any form of self-detox or self-medication. Opioid addiction can lead to severe health issues, putting you in a very fragile physiological state. Resorting to self-medication will only make things worse, as you risk life-threatening drug interactions, overdoses, or even developing new addictions.

Is Oxycodone addictive?

Yes, this is a very addictive opioid since it binds to pain receptors in the brain and creates intense euphoria as a result. The intensity of the effects you’ll be experiencing is so high that the brain will quickly develop a tolerance, causing you to increase your dose regularly to get the same kick. When misused, this substance can trigger addictive behavior, often with the first dose.

How to treat Oxycodone addiction?

We recommend coming to our rehab in Orange County, CA, for personalized rehab treatment and detox services. Our leading drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County offers patient-oriented detox to ensure a smooth recovery and sustainable long-term sobriety. Our professionals will assess your condition and health status during the intake process, which will help them create a patient-oriented detox program for immediate results.

How does opioid detox work?

The detox process relies on medication to inhibit cravings, minimize the withdrawal’s effects, and stabilize the patient’s physiological functioning. At our detox center in Orange County, CA, we treat opioids via targeted medication, aiming to counter these drugs’ physical and psychological effects. You will also receive therapy and counseling during the detox treatment to promote mental healing and stability.

Is the drug detox treatment safe?

The detox treatment is only safe when performing it in the presence of qualified experts. At our drug and detox in Orange County, California, we perform patient-oriented detox, supervising the entire procedure from start to finish. Our professionals are ready to intervene to tweak the treatment depending on your response to it and monitor your progress to ensure optimal recovery and comfort.

How long with the detox treatment last?

The procedure usually lasts for several days, but its duration generally depends on multiple factors, including your addiction’s severity, the substance you’re using, overall mental state, etc. In several situations, the detox procedure can last up to two weeks or more. Our experts will generally assess each case’s situation and judge each case for optimal results.

If you’re after the best rehab for addiction in Orange County, we invite you to New Start Recovery today for assessment, detox, and in-depth rehab assistance. Our Oxycodone detox in Orange County occurs in a comfortable, safe, and controlled environment, where our experts can monitor the procedure 24/7. Call (855) 737-7363, speak to our rehab expert, and set a date for on-site clinical assessment and intake today!