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Rehab Facility Costa Mesa

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If you’re looking to find a reliable rehab facility in Costa Mesa to treat your addiction, New Start Recovery is the ideal destination for you. We address even the most advanced addictions using a combination of medication, therapy, and holistic healing for immediate and long-term effects. Our rehabilitation centers rank among the best in the industry for good reasons. At our high-end rehab centers, you will get:

  • Personalized detox and rehab in Costa Mesa – We rely on patient-oriented drug and alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, CA, to address each patient’s unique needs and recovery goals. Cookie-cutter approaches always fail short at delivering long-term, sustainable results, which is why we don’t even see them as potential options. Instead, we use a unique rehab approach that begins with an in-depth preliminary assessment for each case. This allows our experts to gather critical information about your addiction, medical history, and overall health status and craft a customized rehab treatment for outstanding long-term results.
  • Structured treatment and recovery therapy – There is no single rehab program that will help you overcome addiction for good. Knowing that, we have designed a comprehensive rehabilitation system relying on a structured and multidisciplinary approach. Our detox center in Costa Mesa, CA, offers customized detox, inpatient/residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient care, and Alumni and aftercare assistance. This treatment protocol helps patients combat their addictions effectively and get the assistance and guidance they need for sustainable sobriety long-term, successful social reintegration, and extensive personal growth.
  • Comfort and security – A program for drug and detox in Costa Mesa, California, requires more than medication and therapy to become successful. In this scenario, success is the result of several components coming together, including the center’s amenities and living conditions. Our facility offers top comfort and personalized care, providing luxurious bedrooms, outdoor areas for group activities, gourmet meals, and the undivided attention and assistance of our friendly and qualified staff.
  • Extensive professional aftercare guidance – We have the best rehab for addiction in Costa Mesa, not thanks to the number of patients completing our programs but to our treatment’s long-term effectiveness. Our goal is to help addiction victims like you remain sober in the long run and adopt a sober, cleaner, and more fulfilling lifestyle over the years. We achieve this via our Alumni program, combined with therapy, peer support, and family therapy and guidance.

What’s the leading rehab facility in Costa Mesa?

If you’re looking for the best drug and alcohol rehab center you can find, our facility will exceed your expectations. We combine conventional treatment methods with advanced procedures like WRAP and the Matrix Model to go where no other rehab center has gone before. This will ensure top medical and psychiatric care, even when confronting aggressive withdrawal and debilitating co-occurring disorders.

You can contact New Start Recovery if you have questions about our insurance coverage and payment options or our facility amenities and programs. Ask our experts about our rehab facility in Costa Mesa at (855) 737-7363, make an appointment, and come to our center for assessment and intake!