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Substance Abuse Treatment Orange County

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If you’re waiting for a sign that you need substance abuse treatment in Orange County, chances are, that sign will never come. Don’t wait another day to begin healing from addiction; New Start Recovery can offer you quality treatment, starting with detox in a safe and comfortable environment. Medication-Assisted Detox at New Start Recovery will make a huge difference in managing withdrawals and ensuring you are able to complete detox and prepare for the nest step in your journey. While comparing Huntington Beach rehab centers, be sure to add our name to your list of potential recovery facilities.

5 Reasons Substance Abuse Treatment is Important

1. Without intervention from a recovery professional, the vast majority of addicts will never overcome their addiction; outpatient programs and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab services are highly recommended by recovery specialists for this reason, and for many others, as well. If you’ve tried to detox at home or have tried to quit drinking or using without long-term success, you may have given up hope of living a life free from your addiction. Take heart- our residential detox center in Huntington Beach can help you reach your goals.

2. At New Start Recovery, we’ve discovered that most of our clients have little or no understanding of the damage addiction is causing in their life and in the lives of those around them. Programs that include drug and alcohol addiction education make a big difference by showing clients aspects of their addiction they weren’t aware of.

3. Steering clear of triggers and avoiding a relapse are two essential reasons to commit to substance abuse treatment in Orange County. Whether it’s through day treatment, an inpatient program, or our IOP program in Huntington Beach, staying connected to support can keep you on track and help you avoid pitfalls during your recover journey.

4. In recent years, addiction specialists have discovered that the majority of addicts also suffer from one or more mental health issues that make it more difficult to recover from addiction. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common; trauma from the past is perhaps the most difficult to identiry and treat. If you’re feeling frustrated by repeated attempts to recover from an addiction, get in touch with our staff from New Start Recovery to determine whether you’re dealing with undiagnosed trauma or a mental illness- we treat both in our rehab.

5. Huntington Beach drug and alcohol detox can be uncomfortable, even painful, without the right medications at hand. We utilize comfort meds during detox to ensure every patient is kept safe and comfortable during the early phases of addiction treatment. If you’re worried about going through detox, rest easy knowing that your comfort is a primary focus during treatment.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Let our admissions team provide an insurance benefits check by calling New Start Recovery at 833-433-0448. Call our helpline 24/7 to speak with someone who can answer your questions about rehab, provide information about our programs, and help you take the first step in getting the help you need to overcome addiction.