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For many people struggling with addiction, participating in an intensive drug rehabilitation program is the first step on the road to sobriety. However, many of these individuals live in denial for as long as they can. And even when they finally admit to themselves that they need help, they often try to go it alone. It is no secret that overcoming substance use disorder without professional help is a Herculean task, especially if the disorder has gone beyond a certain level. We’ll be sharing some telltale signs that let you know if addiction disorder is out of control. If you notice any of these signs in you or your loved ones, you need to start scouting the best addiction treatment centers in Orange County as soon as you can.

The drug is now a top priority

Once you can’t focus on anything until you’ve had your fix, there’s enough reason to believe that your substance use disorder is out of control. You may also notice that you find it difficult to think about anything except the drug or alcohol. And you spend a considerable chunk of your time and energy to ensure you acquire the drug or the resources that will get you the drug. As the disorder progresses, you’ll also find yourself losing interest in the people and activities that used to excite you.

Your health is getting worse

Drugs of abuse have a negative effect on physical and mental health. For example, alcohol addiction is linked to cancer, liver problems, and cardiovascular disorders. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of these problems, and you still can’t stop taking alcohol, do not hesitate to seek help from Orange County drug treatment centers. Worsening health also extends to having unresolved mental health issues such as anxiety disorders and depression.

You’re increasing your intake or craving more potent substances

At the beginning of your drug use habit, you probably have to take only a little amount to achieve the desired euphoria. However, as the addiction progresses, your body develops tolerance. And you find yourself taking more and more of the drug. In some cases, the original drug of abuse may no longer satisfy your cravings. As a result, you move to a more potent substance, and it goes on and on. The problem is that you’re putting yourself at risk of overdose. And the stronger the substance, the more fatal overdosing is likely to be. It would help if you didn’t waste any more time before you start searching for the best addiction treatment centers in Orange County.

You’ve tried quitting

Everyone needs to understand that addiction is more than a disease of habit; it’s a physiological condition that causes brain changes. Like other diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, you need proper addiction treatment. That’s why we advise enrolling in a residential treatment program in Orange County if you’ve tried quitting on your own, but your efforts haven’t been productive.

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