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Orange County Detox

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The overdose problem in California is real and can’t be denied. From 2000 to 2012, drug and alcohol overdose-related deaths in Orange County increased by more than 50%. On average, 600 people have died each year due to overdosing on addictive substances. Another 5,000 are hospitalized annually for the same reason. Despite serious health concerns, the numbers continue to increase with seemingly no end in sight.

If you’re struggling with addiction in Orange County, hospitalization or death aren’t your only options. In fact, at New Start Detox, we can help you to finally begin a life far away from substance abuse.

How New Start Detox Helps Detox Orange County Residents

Our accredited detox centers help individuals work through the withdrawal symptoms associated with the sudden stop of drug and alcohol use. Withdrawal symptoms can start 24 to 72 hours after an addictive substance like opiates was last taken. Typically opiate withdrawal symptoms continue for about a week but can last longer depending on the person, the substance they used, and how long it has been used. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and include uncontrollable shaking, fevers, nausea, and seizures.

Both our Santa Ana and Tustin locations have a staff comprised of medical professionals trained specifically to handle drug and alcohol withdrawal. They monitor all individuals in treatment, provide symptom curbing medications as needed, and help them adapt to a life away from drug and alcohol abuse.

At New Start Detox, Orange County residents also learn how self-care and exploration play a pivotal role in recovery. Each of our locations offers professionally cooked exquisite meals, relaxing and beautiful environments, and therapeutic beds, all of which provide our clients with the nutrition, peace, and sleep they need to get through detox. In addition, individuals will go through programs and one-on-one therapy sessions that help them delve into why they started using drugs or alcohol and what they can do to maintain a life without them.

Attending A Detox Facility in Orange County Can Help You More Than A Distance Detox Center

Entering the detox center that’s right for you is the most important step in your recovery. While there are detox centers across the United States, including many in Florida, our knowledge of Orange County drug and alcohol abuse will help us treat you. We also are specifically motivated to help detox Orange County since our locations serve many county residents.

Our help isn’t the only reason you should consider sticking with a local program. Being close to home means you’ll also get the emotional support you need from family members and friends who want to see you live an addiction-free life. Loved ones often act as outside motivators, putting pressure on individuals to succeed in detox programs without pushing them to a breaking point. The closer they are, the more likely they are to have a positive impact on your recovery.

Our Santa Ana and Tustin locations are very convenient for Orange County residents. No matter where in the county you’re from, you’ll be close enough to home to get the outside support you need while working with caring and knowledgeable professionals.

Begin Your Addiction Treatment With New Start Detox

At New Start Detox, it’s more than just about working through tough withdrawal symptoms. Here, we’ll educate you on healthy habits, monitor your health, and ensure that you’re beginning your journey to sobriety right. We’re striving to detox Orange County and make the entire area a better place to live. No matter what substance use disorder or addiction you or a loved one is struggling with, we can help. Take the first step to sobriety by calling us at [Direct] and beginning the detox program you need.