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choose a los angeles detox center for addictionAddiction does not discriminate. It can affect older adults, adults, young adults, and adolescents. Adult children and dependents can struggle with a substance use disorder leaving parents and other family members anxious about how they can help.

As your child has suffered from drug addiction, you have likely suffered alongside them. It is extremely difficult to see your loved one going through so much and equally difficult to endure the problems experienced by the whole family due to this addiction. As residents of the Orange County area, you know you have multiple options for your child’s treatment, with big cities so close to your home. But when it comes to your child’s best interest, you have to determine whether drug detox in Los Angeles is the best option. New Start Recovery operates detox center locations throughout Orange County, California.

A Comfortable, Medically-Supervised Option to Drug Detox in Los Angeles

Instead of seeking big-city exposure for your child’s drug detox in Los Angeles, consider amenity-rich, private, and comfortable options in Orange County. There are many benefits to remaining closer to home for detox, particularly regarding the quality of the environment and how your child may be treated.

Your loved one may be ready to go into detox and rehab. Or you may be trying to get them to start recovery against their wishes. For most patients hesitant to enter detox for drug addiction, the hesitation is rooted in fear. Withdrawal can be an intimidating prospect, and an unknown environment can add to the anxiety someone suffers when considering the treatment they need.

By seeking Orange County-based detox in an amenity-rich environment, you are providing your child with the peace of mind of being close to home. A Tustin or Santa Ana location is serene, in a beautiful setting, and just familiar enough that it can relieve much of the anxiety associated with treatment.

According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.6 million people in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas needed drug detox and rehab each year from 2005 to 2010. This statistic reflects how many people vie for treatment in L.A. each year, often leading patients to feel less like an individual that matters and more like a number going through a cookie-cutter style process. A smaller detox center will make your child feel better cared for.

Clear Benefits of Orange County Detox Over Drug Detox in Los Angeles

While seeking drug detox in Los Angeles may provide more options to review, the highest quality of amenity-rich, supportive detox is available right here in Orange County. Through the medically supervised program in Tustin and Santa Ana, your son or daughter gains help that includes:

  • Safe detox under supportive addiction specialists and medical personnel
  • End of physical dependence on the abused substance
  • Quality medical care as needed
  • Around-the-clock monitoring for comfort and safety
  • Individualized treatment
  • Respect and dignity within a stress-free environment
  • Frequent vital sign checks for blood pressure, temperature, and other health indicators
  • On-site professional chefs
  • Daily linen changes and housekeeping for comfort
  • Posturepedic beds and large screen televisions
  • Outdoor spaces for fresh air and serenity
  • Medication safely provided to ease withdrawal
  • A limited number of patients at once to ensure the utmost attentive care

New Start Detox in Orange County Is an Amenity-Rich, Safe Option to Drug Detox in Los Angeles

When you’re considering drug detox in Los Angeles for your child, look instead to a more serene, individualized detox closer to home in Orange County. With two locations in Tustin and Santa Ana, New Start Detox is a medically supervised, attentive addiction detox program where patients are ensured the most supportive care. Your child will be comforted, supported, and individually treated to ensure they suffer the least difficult detox possible for a new start in recovery.

Call New Start Detox now at [Direct] to verify your insurance and give your child the best possible future.