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Why Start With A Local Orange County Detox?

Many people in Orange County are struggling with addiction. On average, about 5,000 people are hospitalized for overdoses in the county each year. If you’re one of those struggling, have been recently hospitalized, or are afraid you might be if you continue your substance abuse habits, odds are you’re looking for an addiction treatment program. No matter what you’ve been using, your addiction treatment should start with an Orange County detox program.

Why Start With A Local Orange County Detox?

When you stop using addictive substances like opiates, you’ll start going through opiate withdrawal. There are many negative symptoms that arise during withdrawal that can range from mild symptoms like nausea and feeling lightheaded to extreme symptoms like seizures, heart palpitations, and cardiac arrest. In some more extreme cases, withdrawal symptoms can lead to death.

At an Orange County detox program, there are medical professionals around you at all times who can help you when serious symptoms arise. They can prescribe medications that will improve your mood, curb your withdrawal symptoms, and help you feel comfortable during the first stage of your treatment. Staff members at these Orange County detox centers are trained to notice if life-threatening symptoms are starting to crop up and can quickly transfer you to a hospital if necessary.

There are detox centers all over the United States, but staying at a local detox center is important for your recovery, especially if your loved ones are nearby. Going through detox can be really difficult. Loved ones provide you with outside support and help motivate you through the detoxing period.

While some Orange County detox centers will focus on only getting you through the difficulty of withdrawal, others will help jump start your recovery. New Start Detox helps you in more ways that a more traditional Orange County detox center can.

How New Start Detox Is Different From Other Orange County Detox Centers

At New Start Detox, we understand that addiction treatment is a life-altering process. That’s why you’ll start learning about how to cope without addictive substances immediately when you enter our Orange County detox program. Along with supervised detox, you’re going to be surrounded by staff who’ve gone through their own struggles with addiction. They’re going to give you the support and understanding you need in the first weeks of treatment.

We also understand that sticking with a Orange County detox programs means making it as comfortable as possible. That’s why we provide our clients with a comfortable indoor environment that’s surrounded by beautiful California scenery. Both our Santa Ana and Tustin facilities, which are less than 30 minutes from the Orange County shoreline, have rooms with comfortable beds and cuisine crafted by professional chefs who know what foods are best for the body during treatment.

As you go through detox with us, you’ll have one-on-one sessions with doctors who can gauge how you’re doing and adjust your treatment as needed. You can also begin to learn what caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place and tackle the problems associated with your substance abuse.

The First Step To Getting Treatment Is Reaching Out

Our detox program is available for you when you’re ready to start treatment. In order for us to help you, all you have to do is reach out to us.

You shouldn’t go through detoxing alone. Let New Start Detox help you with the first stages of treatment. Call us today at 855-737-7363 and let’s discuss how our programs, professional staff, and comfortable surrounds can help you start a sober life.