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Best Way to Detox From Heroin

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Heroin use has long plagued America, becoming even more common in recent years. Since the 1920s, heroin has played a major role in the lives of many who suffer from addiction. Today, even more people are using heroin as a lower-cost and more accessible replacement for more expensive drugs they initially abused, such as prescription painkillers. As use has skyrocketed and more people are finding themselves addicted to this dangerous drug, more are seeking the best way to detox from heroin.

Desperate Search For The Best Way To Detox From Heroin

Many patients are desperate in their search for the best way to detox from heroin. This is because it’s common knowledge that this drug is highly destructive and serves as a one-way ticket to death. The lethal nature of heroin lies in how users develop tolerance, as well as how they can easily and quickly fatally overdose. When someone takes too much heroin, they may stop breathing. If help isn’t readily available, this could result in death.

Despite knowing its dangerous reputation, new users find dependence on the high almost immediately and start taking heroin each day. Sadly, in Orange County, these users are often very young. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Orange County teens aged 12 to 17 have experienced an 80 percent increase in heroin abuse.

Once people start using heroin, they realize how quickly they are immersed in its heaviness. They are also quickly aware of how sick they feel when they skip a dose. This is when the desperate search for the best way to detox from heroin begins.

Medication May Be The Best Way To Detox From Heroin

For most patients, quitting cold turkey is not the best way to detox from heroin. Doing so can lead to relapse, which is inevitably fatal for those who don’t realize their body is no longer tolerant of the drug at their former dosing level. Simply by taking the amount they are used to, they overdose and pass away right when they are so eager to gain freedom from heroin.

This is why prescribed medication is helpful in overcoming heroin addiction. Doctors can prescribe medication to help patients detox and make withdrawal symptoms less difficult to deal with. It also helps reduce cravings, which can lead to relapse when not controlled. Medication is, for many patients, the key to staying the course in detox and into rehab for sustainable long-term recovery.

Despite safe medication used by doctors for heroin detox and recovery, which can aid in treatment of both alcohol and opioid addiction, they are merely tools in treatment. Detox and rehab require the patient’s full focus and work to lead to lifelong sobriety.

New Start Detox In Orange County For Heroin Detox

Patients in Orange County who are ready to overcome heroin addiction can gain attentive, supportive and medically-managed detox in Tustin or Santa Ana, California. Both of these locations are home to New Start Detox, a medically supervised detox offering amenity-rich comfort, a beautiful setting and professional management of Suboxone and Naltrexone detox for heroin addiction.

New Start Detox understands heroin addiction and the support needed to undergo difficult withdrawal toward freedom from this destructive drug. Patients in New Start Detox are able to feel comforted, supported, cared for and well-nourished throughout their detox program, getting stronger each day toward the beginning of a better future.

If you or someone you love are ready to overcome heroin addiction through medically-supervised detox in Orange County, call New Start Detox at [Direct] to verify your insurance.