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Pain Management and Addiction

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Pain ManagementIndividuals who suffer from chronic pain caused by an injury, accident or illness can end up causing someone to rely on prescription drugs for pain management. When someone rely’s so heavily on these drugs to manage their pain, it can create a serious drug addiction. Elimination the pain medication though, is rarely the answer. To help someone with this type of addiction, treatment that includes pharmacotherapy, counseling, physical therapy and support is one of the best approaches. If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic pain accompanied with drug addiction, drug rehab with pain management is the first step to a healthy recovery.

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Addiction from pain control

When you have to live with constant pain, your life becomes quite difficult. Finding stable employment can become harder and performing daily tasks/activities can become difficult because of the pain. In the end, not receiving enough treatment for the pain may cause isolation, depression, substance abuse and suicide.

At least 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis.

At least 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from short-term pain cause by an accident, operation or illness.

When trying to control the chronic pain, it often turns into addiction when the patient try’s to self-medicate in an attempt for sufficient relief. The prescription drugs can end up being combined with different street drugs like heroin or marijuana and also alcohol. If an individual is unable able to perform their daily activities because of insufficient care, then turning to substance abuse is very likely.

Alternatives to Pain medication

For many patients, a strong pain medication is what provides them with enough relief for them to be able to perform their daily tasks. Unfortunately though, opioid pain medication may be habit forming. Using opioids are not the only option for pain management. Being a part of a drug rehabilitation program for pain management can help evaluate your pain and accompanied with counseling, helps in exploring your alternatives.
Alternatives include:

  • Different types of non-opioid pain medication which include medications to prevent seizures or depression and replacement drugs that reproduce opioid like effects but at a lower level such as buprenorphine.
  • Counseling to help address the causes of the addiction with the goal to educate the individual in healthier types of coping strategies.

Although counseling and psychotherapy is unable to alleviate the pain, using these strategies can help you understand the reason for addiction. Patients who suffer from addiction get stuck thinking that they will never get the help they need, or that no one cares about their pain. Changing these thoughts can make a big difference in how they want to change their health and future. Alcohol and drug abuse can easily diminish your health. Patients who are not receiving enough help with their addiction and pain may neglect the nutrition they need. Using Drug Rehab with pain management helps in restoring ones physical health as it addresses the source of pain to help look for better solutions.

Get Help with Pain Management

Opiate addiction caused from pain management can be life-ruining and in some cases life-ending. To start the healing process, learn more about detox. New Start offers personalized attention and a compassionate approach. To speak with a member of the New Start team, give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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