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Rehab Facilities in Orange County, CA

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Rehab Facilities in Orange County, CAGoing to rehab is a big change of lifestyle. While it may seem exciting, it’s also a difficult path to stick to at first. This is especially true after detox when the recovering addict is first faced with those uncomfortable thoughts they’d been trying to numb for so long. Many addicts going to rehab are not going for the first time, or are only going after attempting to quit on their own (and being unsuccessful). A change of scenery helps to take away environmental triggers. Whether it’s a different state or just a different place to live during treatment, rehab facilities in Orange County, CA offer that change of pace that can set individuals on the right track. So what are some of the benefits of making this change?

Rehab Facilities in Orange County, CA

There is a reason that southern California is a sought-after location for rehab. The weather and environment out here offer a breath of fresh air. There are also plenty of places to go on group outings. These sober recreational activities are done in the residential and outpatient (IOP) phases of rehab. Our program at New Start Recovery named these activities Amplified. They including hiking, biking, visiting landmarks, and going to scenic locations. AA talks a lot about achieving serenity–the beauty of rehab facilities in Orange County, CA is that they help achieve that through the environment and bountiful activities available here.

When seeking a rehab facility, it’s recommended to speak to addiction counselors over the phone who can help navigate your or your loved one’s case. There are several levels of care available. Depending on the needs of the person, they may enter treatment at a different stage (for example, if they are returning to get long term therapeutic support but have already quit using). Counselors can also offer insight to the various levels of support that each stage of treatment offers. IOP may be ideal for those who are further along in recovery, but that level of independence is not ideal for those who are at high risk for relapse. Each case is different!

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