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Rehab for Employees

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Alcohol And Drug Free

When it comes to an individuals workplace, making it drug-free and alcohol-free creates a safe, healthy and productive environment. Studies show that 77% out of 20 million substance abusers in the U.S. maintain employment. Drugs and alcohol abuse have always been known to impair a person’s judgement and coordination. Because of its impairing properties, it causes the productivity in the workforce to be greatly affected. It is important for employees who suffer from substance abuse to find a good rehabilitation program. If you or a loved one is worried about their employment because of alcohol or drug abuse, it may come to you as a surprise but many employers will accommodate an employee who makes an effort to participate in rehabilitation programs.

Substance Abuse In The Workforce

When it comes to substance abuse in the workforce, certain industries have a higher rate at which it occurs. Within the food and services industry, 17% of employees consume alcohol or use drugs on a frequent basis. When it comes to construction workers, 14% use drugs on a regular basis and 16% consume heavy amounts of alcohol. A high amount of alcohol consumption is also frequent among installation and repair personnel and among those who work in the arts and entertainment industries.

Know The Signs

  • Frequent tardiness and absences
  • Sloppy and careless performance 
  • Calling in sick regularly
  • Having confrontations with coworkers frequently
  • Frequent/lengthy trips to the restroom or different areas

Effects of Alcohol

  • The rate of absences are 4 – 8 times more likely
  • Increased amount of accidents
  • A decrease in productivity 
  • Higher number of medical claims
  • Overall cost for companies run between $33 billion and $68 billion a year

Assistance For Employees

Many Employers have began to create alcohol and drug free policies for their companies. The U.S. Department of Labor has joined in to help reduce the effects that addiction causes in the workplace. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) was created out of the efforts put forward to help employees overcome their addiction problems. Before these efforts and programs were made, employers would usually terminate their employees or limit the chances of any potential issues that could be cause my the employee’s addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction are considered medical conditions and federal health law requires information regarding an employees condition to be confidential. If you want to consider taking a leave of absence to enter a rehabilitation program, an EAP representative can help you create a work schedule to accommodate it.

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Start the process today by learning more about detox. Contact the New Start Recovery team and ask about our work with alcohol and substance abuse. Hope and healing are possible—and the best way to embrace them is to get medically-supervised detox in one of our facilities.