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Treatment for LGBTQ Community

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People identifying as LGBTQ face many challenges due to bigotry and prejudice. Two areas where bias and negative treatment directly affects those in the community are mental health and addiction treatment. The persecution that people in the LGBTQ community endure elevates their risk of developing a substance use disorder or self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to deal with a mental health concern. This is why New Start Recovery makes it a point to offer comprehensive LGBTQ treatment in Orange County, California.

We believe all persons deserve equal access to mental health care and the addiction treatment services they need to heal. We proudly serve the LGBTQ community by offering a variety of substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment program inpatient programs.

How to Find the Best LGBTQ Treatment in Orange County, CA

An inpatient or residential treatment provides all the distinct benefits of 24-hour care. There is regular weekly therapy within this sort of program, taking several forms from individual therapy to group therapy to family therapy. At New Start Recovery, across all our substance use disorder treatment programs, we offer a variety of therapeutic options, addressing issues like:

  • Anxiety 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Codependency
  • Depression 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Trauma 

Our residential and outpatient treatment includes several weekly therapy sessions along with group work, and medical support may be enough for some individuals. 

Finding the best program for your needs or the needs of your loved one is vital. Here are a few aspects to consider in the process: 

  • Cost: As with everyone working through a treatment program, LGBTQ-identifying clients will stand the best chance for successful recovery if they’re able to complete the program with their own and their support network’s financial health intact. Our admissions specialists are prepared to guide you through eh insurance verification process or help you identify other options for payment. 
  • Experience: When looking for LGBTQ treatment in Orange County, CA, it’s important to know you’re working with caring and experienced counselors, therapists, and other medical professionals. AT New Start Recovery, we pride ourselves on our team and how well we can adapt to meet each client’s unique needs. 
  • Facilities: Do you have particular needs for your inpatient facility? If you can’t find the answers online, ask them during your initial consultation. Questions might include: Does the facility have gender-neutral bathrooms and showers? Does it offer co-ed treatment programs embracing all gender expressions? In what ways does the facility ensure clients’ dignity, comfort, and privacy? 

Some of Our Addiction Treatment Programs

At New Start Recovery, our diversified care team can provide a range of programs that may be of service to members of the LGBTQ community. For instance, alongside residential and outpatient treatment, we offer the following:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program: PHP is a step down from inpatient or residential treatment. There is still structured care where patients come to our facility to receive treatment, but individuals can depart our facility for their own home or sober living program.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program: An IOP is similar to a PHP, but patients have more freedom to meet their work, school, and personal commitments as they get treatment. This is because an IOP is built around the individual’s schedule and typically runs for a shortened period where care is delivered in large blocks of time daily. This kind of day treatment allows individuals to return home and continue to meet their professional responsibilities.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: A combined medical and therapeutic treatment that accounts for a mental health disorder co-occurring with substance abuse

Learn More About LGBTQ Treatment in Orange County, CA at New Start Recovery

Why wait another minute to find the treatment you need? If you or a loved one is part of the LGBTQ community, struggling with a mental health concern or substance use disorder, then you’ll likely benefit from our top-rated inpatient programs. Reach out today. Message us online or call [Direct].