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Cocaine is one of the most addictive of all drugs—according to some researchers, second only to methamphetamines in its ability to ensnare the body and mind, creating intense physical and psychological dependence. Yet no matter how dark and desperate cocaine addiction may seem, there is always hope for healing and recovery through cocaine rehab.

To achieve lasting recovery, it is imperative to seek professional counsel. That starts with detox, then extends into either an inpatient or outpatient program, and—finally—aftercare and long-term sobriety programs.

Find the Best Cocaine Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

Detox is the critical first step. Recovery is not possible unless the body and mind are cleaned, and rid of cocaine’s toxic effects. Detox provides a blank slate on which your new story—your story of recovery—can be written.

Quitting cocaine cold turkey can lead to some intense withdrawal effects, which include deep depression and suicidal thoughts. For this reason, at-home detox is not recommended. Instead, it is best to pursue medically supervised detox, prior to cocaine rehab, where safety and efficacy can be safeguarded. Contact New Start Recovery to learn more about safe, clinical cocaine detox.

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Residential Treatment Programs for Cocaine Addiction

Once detox is complete, the next step is to seek cocaine addiction treatment. Often, inpatient treatment is recommended. In a residential program, full-time medical attention can be gained, as well as a more all-encompassing and holistic treatment approach that might span everything from nutrition to exercise and spirituality.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Cocaine Abuse

In some cases, of course, inpatient treatment may not be possible or ideal. In these cases, outpatient programs can work well. The important thing is to seek out the type of cocaine addiction recovery program that is right for the individual; speaking with an addiction recovery specialist, and getting an individualized evaluation is critical.

Whether you seek inpatient or outpatient care, aftercare is a non-negotiable. That’s because recovery doesn’t happen over night. It is a long-term commitment, and even after you leave an addiction recovery program, you can still experience bad days. Aftercare programs and support groups will equip you to maintain your sobriety over the long haul, and to better handle temptation and relapse.

Intervention for Cocaine Addiction

No matter how hopeless cocaine addiction may seem, recovery is always possible. It just isn’t possible alone. It is imperative to seek professional help.

Start the process—and kick start your own recovery journey—today. Contact New Start Recovery, and ask about our services to cocaine addiction. Find out how you can get a blank slate on which to write your own story of lasting recovery; reach out to us right away.

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