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a man speaks in his meth detox center programMeth is one of the most dangerous drugs because of its availability and low cost to get. Meth initially works by overloading your body with dopamine, providing a rush of euphoria or happiness. However, this sensation is short-lived, as meth burns out dopamine receptors and slows natural dopamine production—leaving the user addicted and often deeply depressed when they cannot acquire a higher dose making finding a drug detox center vital to recovery.

Because meth is so powerful, shaking meth addiction can be exceedingly difficult. It is impossible to beat meth addiction without receiving professional, clinical care from a meth recovery treatment program. Before that, though, it means a trip to a meth detox center, such as New Start Recovery, where the body can be cleansed of harmful and lingering toxins.

Why Choose New Start Recovery for Meth Detox?

New Start Recovery is a facility worth looking into for those in the Orange County, California area. Known for our compassion and care, New Start offers a robust detox program for those in the throes of meth addiction.

Why choose New Start Recovery, though? In essence, because it is both safe and effective. At New Start, you will receive around-the-clock support from trained medical staff, including addiction recovery specialists. The New Start team can help manage withdrawal effects while keeping the detox program on track, getting the individual ready for rehab as quickly as possible.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Though no two individuals have the same needs for their meth detox, countless meth users have found liberation and hope at the New Start facility.

To better understand how much New Start’s program means to its clients—and of our ability to make a positive difference in the lives of meth addicts—we invite you to peruse some of our client testimonials.

How Long Does Meth Detox Take?

One common question is the question of time. Detox is an investment in your health, your recovery, your very life—but just how big of an investment is it, from a time perspective?

There is no one across-the-board answer here because all meth users are different. It simply depends on the extent of your addiction and use. For some, the process can take as little as a couple of days. For heavy users, meth detox can take as long as ten days. Often, the process falls somewhere in between, ranging from five to seven days—but the only way to get a good sense of how long detox will take for you is to schedule a consult with an addiction recovery specialist.

The Meth Detox Process

For those who have never gone to a detox facility, the very idea of clinical detox can be daunting. Here is an outline of the process to help provide some sense of proper expectation.

The process will begin with a consultation and checkup from an addiction recovery specialist. This will allow for a fair assessment of the extent of the addiction and allow the user to get to some of the root causes or co-occurring disorders that may contribute to the addiction. From there, the New Start team will work with the client to develop a personalized detox program. After completing meth detox, individuals can enter into one of our addiction treatment programs to work through their issues. Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Sober living program
  • Alumni program

New Start implements various tools to aid in the detox process, and no two clients receive the same treatment. Note that your detox will always be supervised around the clock by a medical professional and that non-addictive medications can be administered to minimize and manage the symptoms of meth withdrawal.

Find the Addiction Treatment Necessary at New Start Recovery

Seeking professional, clinical detox is imperative—because, frankly, do-it-yourself home detox is dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms for meth are extreme and may include deep depression, hallucinations, and in many cases, even thoughts of suicide. Meth use can be life-threatening, but so can home meth detox.

The best way forward is by seeking professional, caring detox from a facility like New Start Recovery. Begin the conversation today. Contact our meth detox center at [Direct] and ask about the treatment options.