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The cycle of methadone addiction can be harrowing. Often, methadone is initially administered as a tool to help treat addiction to heavier, more potent opiates—but over time, addiction to methadone itself is formed, and methadone rehab may be necessary. While it initially offers a mild high, methadone creates a tolerance in the brain, meaning higher doses and larger quantities of the drug are needed.

The level of chemical dependence that it creates can seem hopeless—but the good news is that it never is. Anyone struggling with methadone addiction can find hope and healing, as long as they seek it through clinical detox and rehabilitation facilities.

Find the Best Methadone Rehab Centers for Methadone Addiction Treatment

The first step is to find a good detox facility that offers methadone addiction treatment. New Start Recovery is one such facility. We take an individualized approach, evaluating the client’s specific needs and the extent of the methadone addiction before developing a safe and efficient path toward methadone detox.

Detoxing in a clinical facility, like New Start, is critical. The withdrawal symptoms of methadone are too significant to face on your own, in a home detox. Seeking clinical guidance and medical supervision is imperative—so begin your detox process by contacting the New Start team today.

Defeat the stigma. Get help and live your life free of addiction.

Residential Treatment Programs for Methadone Abuse

After detox, the next step is to seek addiction recovery treatment, through methadone rehab, which can be done in either a residential or an inpatient home. Often, inpatient is the best way to get the necessary supervision and care, though this is something to talk about with an addiction recovery specialist. No two clients are ever the same, and the nature of the addiction can vary from one person to the next—so a blanket approach to addiction treatment simply doesn’t work.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Methadone Abuse

In some cases, outpatient care may be the best or only option. Again, the important thing is to consult with an addiction treatment specialist before making this decision. And whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care, make sure you invest in aftercare programs and sober living groups—vital tools for ensuring that your recovery is long-lasting, and that relapse is avoided.

Detox is the all-important starting point. Detox rids the body and mind of methadone and its harmful effects—and in doing so, it provides a clean slate, a blank canvas for you to write your own story of lasting recovery.

Start writing that story today. Hope and healing are there for the taking—and the first step is to put in a call to New Start Recovery. Contact us today to ask about methadone addiction care.

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