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Opiate addiction often starts off insidiously. For many, it begins with prescription painkillers—recommended by doctors and used to treat serious ailments, or perhaps to mitigate and minimize the after-effects of major surgery. Unfortunately this could lead to a need for opiate rehab.

Opiates bind to the pain receptors in your brain to help negate unpleasant sensations—and in some cases, that might be a prudent way to manage a complex medical problem.

How to Find the Best Rehab Centers for Opiate Addiction Treatment

The difficulty is, even the comparatively low-power, legal opiates can become habit-forming. The body builds a tolerance and becomes dependent. Soon, the addict craves higher doses or more potent opiates—sometimes leading to addiction to much harder, more serious and dangerous street drugs, such as heroin.

For these individuals, hope and healing are possible—but not alone. Nobody kicks an opiate addiction by themselves. The only way to start down the road to recovery is to receive medical care and clinical attention, either through an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program.

Both kinds of rehab have their merits, and the best way to determine the optimal course of action for you is to have a medical evaluation and a consultation with an addiction recovery specialist.

Opiate Rehab Residential Treatment Programs

For many opiate addicts, an inpatient program is the best way to go. This ensures around-the-clock clinical care and attention. It also provides you with a safe, tranquil environment to focus on your recovery and health, apart from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Inpatient programs can also offer diverse care options, ranging from one-on-one therapies to group sessions and even customized nutrition and exercise programs. To really embrace recovery and commit to your health, this immersive experience can provide the help you need.

Defeat the stigma. Get help and live your life free of addiction.

Outpatient Programs for Opiate Addiction

The alternative is an outpatient program. Because this kind of program is less intensive, it is not the most effective option for everyone—though there are always exceptions. Again, the best way to determine which option is best for you is to speak with a medical professional, ideally one who works in addiction treatment.

For those in inpatient programs but especially for those in outpatient programs, it is vital to ensure the treatment center you choose provides long-term sobriety and aftercare options, necessary for ensuring your long-term commitment to recovery.

Opiate Detox Programs

While opiate rehab is ultimately necessary to overcome addiction, the process begins with detox. Clinical detox is the best way to begin your recovery process—safely and effectively.

As you consider your options for opiate addiction recovery, then, make sure you consult with the New Start Recovery team. Contact us today to learn about our options for clinical opiate detox.

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