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When talking about opioid addiction, OxyContin – which comes from oxycodone – should certainly be part of the discussion. This prescription painkiller can be highly addictive, but going through an OxyContin rehab program can help you to get your life back on track and feel healthier and stronger.

Addiction recovery takes work, but it’s worth it. Starting your journey with a supervised detox program such as New Start Recovery can give you the confidence and motivation you need to enter into an OxyContin rehab program for further treatment and support.

Find the Best Rehab Centers for OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Detox is an essential part of OxyContin addiction treatment because it allows you to rid your body of the drug and its influence. You can approach recovery with better health and a clearer mind. It doesn’t take long for your body to begin the detox process, and this can lead to symptoms of withdrawal.

Experiencing withdrawal can drive some people back to substance use. But finding the best rehab center to treat your OxyContin addiction can make this a more comfortable, safer process. It can be hard to stop use on your own and push through the symptoms of withdrawal, but in a supervised detox program, you’ll find all of the support you need.

Defeat the stigma. Get help and live your life free of addiction.

Residential Treatment Programs for Oxycontin Rehab

Following detox, you’ll be ready to begin a residential treatment program for OxyContin abuse. While detox addresses many of the physical effects of OxyContin addiction, a residential treatment program will help you to overcome the mental, emotional, and social impact as well. You’ll be on your way to healing your body and mind and learning strategies to help you steer clear of relapse moving forward. Building on the healthy routines you started during detox, you’ll be able to incorporate healthy eating, exercise, stress relief, and counseling to support your journey.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for OxyContin Abuse

Not everyone has the flexibility to leave home for a residential treatment program, so they may choose an outpatient treatment program to address their OxyContin abuse instead. Or, after completing an inpatient program, you may feel you need the additional support and guidance provided by an outpatient program. This can help you to transition back home while still addressing any challenges you may face.

OxyContin addiction recovery takes time. Just as addiction doesn’t happen overnight, neither does recovery. It is an ongoing process that starts with detox so that your body is free from addictive substances and you can focus on the next steps of your recovery. Contact New Start Recovery to find out more about OxyContin addiction treatment services and how to get started.

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