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vivitrolVivitrol is an injection performed to block the effects of opiate medication. Many drug residential and rehab facilities use vivitrol to help take away and numb the opiate addiction of their patients. It can help both opiate and alcohol addiction, but it only works if you don’t have any in your system during the injection. It is best to go through detox and be 7-14 days clean before taking vivitrol. 

Vivitrol FAQ

Do I need to stop using opiates before I take vivitrol?

Yes. You will have withdrawal if you take vivitrol when you still have opiates in your system. So with that said, it is recommended to be 7-14 days clean of opiates. 

Do I need to stop drinking before I take vivitrol?

It’s not required to stop drinking before you take the medicine, but it is suggested to stop drinking a week prior to receiving vivitrol to have a better response from your body. 

How does vivitrol work?

Once you have received vivitrol, it begins to act as a blocker. Over time, the block effect will decrease, allowing you to have to receive the medicine once a month. 

How long does treatment last?

Treatment can vary with everyone. The longer the treatment, the more successful it will be. With longer treatment, you gain knowledge of skills that will help you overcome cravings. With shorter treatments, you are more likely to relapse because of the skills you didn’t learn from a longer treatment plan.