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rock to recovery is music therapy for addiction recoveryJust as each person’s addiction experience is different, their needs for a successful recovery will also be different. Addiction treatment programs that customize their treatment plans to meet the needs of each client will typically see the highest rates of lasting sobriety. Behavioral therapies are the core of any addiction treatment program, but providing holistic therapies can make a program more effective. For many people, pairing music and addiction recovery is a winning combination, as it touches them in a way no other treatment can.

New Start Recovery understands the value of music therapy for addiction, and we pride ourselves on our Rock to Recovery program. If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, reach out to us at [Direct] to learn if our music therapy program may benefit your recovery.

Celebrate Sobriety Through a Music Therapy Program

As one of New Start’s most popular programs, Rock to Recovery offers those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction the chance to create and record their songs with the help of professional musicians who are also in recovery. This celebration of sobriety through music and fellowship is a great way for clients to reflect on their progress in a fun and healthy way.

Benefits of Music Therapy for Addiction

Rock to Recovery uses music to help people physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. The group forms a band to choose an instrument they wish to play, write lyrics together, and create a song. Doing this helps reduce stress levels in a fun and creative environment. Because the group creates a song together, it also helps in a social aspect to communicate with others. The sounds and beats from the music stimulate the brain, which can help the listener relax, improve their emotional state and help with anxiety. Because of these reasons, using music in Rock to Recovery is an excellent tool to overcome addiction.

People in recovery are likely to experience fluctuating emotions when they first become sober. Creating music helps support recovery by:

  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Alleviating stress
  • Preventing boredom
  • Providing a creative outlet
  • Giving opportunities to bond with others

Music in recovery can become a form of enjoyment which can help eliminate the sense of depression and the feeling of being alone. In the end, music is a major factor in many people’s lives, and creating that same bond with people suffering from addiction can improve their recovery.

Rock to Recovery’s Beginning

Rock to Recovery was founded by Wesley Geer, a professional musician in the band Hed P.E. for many years. When he left the band, Geer wanted to change his lifestyle and enter into substance abuse treatment. Three years later, he joined the band Korn and toured around the world as their guitarist.

When he was in treatment, Geer found that the guitar brought him a sense of peace. His fellow patients in recovery began to notice the therapeutic benefits it was creating. Geer realized that even people with no experience playing instruments would line up for their chance to play. This was when he discovered the rewards of music therapy. Since then, Rock to Recovery has performed hundreds of recording sessions every month, working with countless organizations to help people with their journey to recovery.

New Start Recovery: Supporting Your Sobriety with Music Therapy in Orange County, CA

For a unique healing experience, try New Start Recovery’s music therapy in Orange County, CA. The power of music can provide you with a new way of looking at your life and how you manage your struggles. Find emotional expression through music to help you end self-medication with drugs and alcohol. Call us today at [Direct] to get started with a music therapy program that will support your lifelong recovery.