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DETOX JEOPARDY– Interactive Detox Therapy

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DETOX JEOPARDY– Interactive Detox Therapy

What makes New Start Detox (NSD) unique are the ways that we engage our clients. Our case managers and therapists are experts at assisting our population through the emotional issues that arise in the detox process and we realize clients are with us for a very short time.

So instead of employing typical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools that require the client to do long and laborious homework assignments, we use a unique set of approaches to engage and prep them for entry into treatment. “Detox Jeopardy” is one of the many therapy tools used by New Start Detox to engage our client’s in a fun and therapeutic manner.

Detox Jeopardy is a trivia game loosely based on the television game show Jeopardy®. However, this trivia game focuses on areas of interest that are very specific to our population. The categories of trivia vary among several key concepts including recovery, popular culture, and support programs. Each question within the categories has varying degrees of difficulty. The more difficult the question, the more points a player can acquire. The game builds upon the competitive nature of our population.

Through this form of competitive interaction, our clients begin to form positive bonds with their peers, and start to build a sense of community. The client’s self-esteem is raised because they are being given the opportunity to express their knowledge on topics they relate to and have the chance to forget about their withdrawal symptoms.

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