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10 Quick Facts About Alcoholism

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10 Quick Facts About Alcoholism

Shockingly Quick Facts About Alcoholism

Alcoholism: n. An addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency.

1. It affects more men than women

Alcoholism is more than twice as common in men opposed to women. They are also more at risk for becoming dependent or abusing alcohol.

2. It’s genetic

Not entirely, but it does have a genetic component. If you’re parent or grandparent is/was an alcoholic, you’re 4x more as risk of developing an addiction to alcohol. It is also common and possible for people to retrain from alcohol or not obtain an addiction to alcohol if they have family history with it.

3. Alcoholism can be fatal

An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes every year.

4. It’s so expensive

Whether you’re a wine, beer or liquor drinker, it all adds up. Calculate how much is spent daily and multiply that by 365.

Shocking, right? You don’t realize how much you spend on alcohol until you do the math. Tip: Instead of using money to buy alcohol, maybe use that money to enter treatment. You’d be saving money in the long run, and you’d be living a happier life.

quick facts about alcoholism

5. Alcoholism is the 3rd Leading Preventable Cause of Death

Tobacco is #1 and poor diet/physical inactivity follows at #2.

6. Withdrawals Can Be Very Dangerous

Ever heard of delirium tremens? It’s a condition that people can get from going through alcohol withdrawals. It can lead to seizures, delirium (serious confusion, disorientation), severe anxiety, severe hallucinations, all on top of regular alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

7. Alcoholism Can Cause Several Other Chronic Diseases

High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, breast cancer, mouth cancer, memory problems, mental health problems, social problems, addiction, and more.

8. 28 People in the U.S Die in a Motor Vehicle Crash Which Involves an Alcohol-Impaired Driver Every Day

This equals one death every 51 minutes.
Quick Facts About Alcoholism

9. 17% of Men and 8% of Women will be Dependent on Alcohol in Their Lifetime

You can change that by getting treatment.

10. Those Who Begin Drinking Before 15 are 4x More Likely to Develop Alcoholism Than Those Who Begin at 21.

7,000 children in the U.S (under 16 y.o) take their first drink every day.

Alcoholism is a big problem in the U.S because it’s easily accessible. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism or alcohol dependency, treatment can help. Call us at 855-737-7363. We accept most PPO out-of-network insurances.

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