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3 Ways to Stay on Track With Sobriety

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3 Ways to Stay on Track With Sobriety

By the time you complete addiction treatment, you have developed essential skills for supporting your sobriety. Those skills will help you stay on track and maintain abstinence. However, you still face the very real challenge of meeting your abstinence goals day in and day out. An addiction alumni program is often a vital element in maintaining your sobriety after treatment. There are also a variety of other ways to support your ongoing efforts.

#1: Stay on Track With Sobriety By Recognizing Relapse Warning Signs 

The main concern for anyone who has completed substance treatment is the possibility of a relapse. As a rule, relapse episodes don’t just happen out of the blue. Instead, you experience warning signs that such an episode is fast approaching. Specific signs that you may notice include:

  • A recurrence of old behaviors that led to substance use in the past
  • Similar recurrence of thought patterns that led to problems in the past
  • Taking a nostalgic point of view on your previous substance use
  • Acting impulsively and not thinking things through
  • Reconnecting with places or people associated with past substance use

It’s crucial that you recognize such signs when they occur. They’re a clear indicator that you need to take action to protect your sobriety.

 #2: Seek Support for Your Addiction Recovery

You don’t have to take on the challenge of long-term addiction recovery all by yourself. In fact, experts strongly recommend that you avoid doing this. All people in addiction recovery need effective support for their sobriety efforts. This support can come from a number of sources, including:

  • Regular check-ins with your addiction specialist or doctor
  • An addiction alumni program offered by a reputable treatment facility
  • A 12-step program or another kind of mutual self-help group
  • Phone or computer apps designed as sobriety support tools

You can also re-enroll in a substance treatment program. Most people who choose this option seek a less intense form of treatment than their original program provided.

#3: Healthy Living Will Also Help You Stay on Track With Sobriety

People affected by addiction commonly experience significant physical health problems. Psychological and emotional issues are also common. When you establish healthy routines in daily life, you can undo much of this damage. You can also decrease the odds that future substance problems will occur.

What are some of the ways that you can lead a healthier lifestyle? For starters, experts recommend eating a balanced diet and establishing regular meal times. It’s also important that you exercise regularly or participate in other physical activities. In addition, you should establish a sleep pattern that gives you ample time for rest.  

Other things may also help you maintain a healthy routine and stay on track with sobriety. For example, you can reduce your stress levels by taking part in activities such as yoga or meditation. It’s also vital that you make time in your life for things that you love or provide a sense of purpose. Such things may include favored hobbies or leisure activities. They may also include doing some kind of volunteer work.

Stay on Track With Help From New Start Recovery’s Addiction Alumni Program

At New Start Recovery, we understand the importance of finding ways to support your ongoing sobriety. That’s why we include an alumni program among our many treatment and recovery options. This program allows you to connect with peers also seeking ways to keep their sobriety on track.

We also offer additional forms of support. For example, our sober living program will help you transition back into daily life following your treatment. To learn more about our full slate of programs, call us today at [Direct]. You can also fill out our online information form.

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