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5 Reasons Home Detox is a Bad Idea

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5 Reasons Home Detox is a Bad Idea

home detoxGoing through a detox is tough; in fact, many people seem to underestimate just how difficult it can be. It’s very important that you do not try to conduct a self-detox at home, and instead seek professional medical supervision. While detoxing can improve your overall health, if you do not do it properly, you can risk further injury.

Here are five particular reasons why at-home detox is a bad idea and why you should seek assistance.

  • A major component of successful detox and recovery is support. Your friends and family may be there for you during your detox, but you can get even more support at a detox center. You are working with licensed counselors and medical professionals whose mission is to push you in the right direction. The more people who are supporting you, the easier your path to recovery will be.
  • When going through a detox, your body changes, and not just physically. Some of the most severe psychological withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, delirium, and hallucinations. It’s difficult trying to overcome these intense conditions on your own, so it’s best to work with a professional who has the right experience and tools.
  • The physical toll that withdrawal has on you during detox can cause severe harm to your body. Common physical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, and even heart failure. With proper assistance and supervision of a professional detox center, you can ensure that you are in the right location in case your body begins to suffer severe symptoms. Some detox programs also provide pain management and around-the-clock supervision to keep you safe and healthy.
  • Your body needs time to heal itself. You cannot rush a detox. Avoid those “quick-fix” detox programs that claim they can clear your body in a day or so. It often takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months to fully detox your body. Detox centers are built and managed to accommodate long stays.
  • Once you recover, it’s important that you understand the causes that drove you to addiction in the first place. Detoxing at home may skip this step. If you conduct your detox under professional supervision, you are more prepared to face the issues that started the addiction, and you are given the tools to overcome them in the future.

Recovery is possible, but it’s not always easy. It’s advisable that you seek professional help as soon as possible so that you can begin your journey right away. Avoid the at-home, quick-fix detox programs and instead seek professional guidance.

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