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6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single and Sober

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6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single and Sober

It’s not the end of the world if you’re single, sober and dreading Valentine’s Day. What is there to do, anyway? Well, hopefully, I can save the day with a list of fun things to do this Valentine’s Day. These are 6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day … or any holiday, really.

 1. See a Movie!

Movies are fun and so is eating a large popcorn by yourself. If there’s a movie in theaters that you’re dying to go see, now is your chance! Spend a day or night focusing on YOUR happiness and see that Assassin’s movie you’ve been eyeing.  Or you could rent Night at the Roxbury and stay at home with your fur baby and order a large domino’s pizza. We aren’t judging!

 2. Go Hiking!

If the weather allows, take yourself hiking for the day! Nature is very therapeutic and you get to hang out with all the crazy insects and trees! You never know what you’ll find in the woods.

 3. Invite your single friends over!

If you have other single friends, host an anti-valentines get together and talk about all the awesome stuff you can do without a girlfriend or boyfriend. You save money…you can leave the toilet seat up…you can play video games at any hour of the day…cherish these moments because they won’t last long with a significant other!

 4. Hang out with family

If you haven’t heard from your parents, siblings, children, or extended family in a while, give them a call! I’m sure they would love to see you. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about hanging out with significant others…it’s about spending it with your loved ones! Family included 🙂

 5. Travel!

Do you know what’s better than seeing a movie or going out to dinner? Traveling! Book a flight or drive up to a cool area and spend the day exploring and sightseeing! If you’re a travel junkie like me, you won’t be disappointed! Go somewhere exotic, go camping, go to a nice hotel, go to a concert, do something wild and fun. Go out of your comfort zone and explore the world and all the greatness that’s in it. Maybe you’ll meet someone there 🙂

 6. Binge Watch Netflix

If all else fails…turn on your TV and binge watch the entire first season of Stranger Things. And if you’ve seen Stranger Things, watch the first few seasons of Bates Motel. And if you’ve seen that too, watch a different show. And watch all of it. With candy. And popcorn. And a large pizza (you might need to buy two pizza’s, TV series can get pretty long).

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