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Benefits of a Get Well Job in Recovery

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Benefits of a Get Well Job in Recovery

jobRecovery offers so many benefits for those struggling with addiction. The amount of skills, habits, and rewards to be gained is undeniable. However, it’s likely that some things may have been lost while on the way to recovery. Confidence, self-worth, and diligence are all things that are commonly lost while struggling with addiction. The good news is that these traits can be learned once more through a “get well” job.

What is a “Get Well” Job?

A “get well” job is a term used in recovery for a job that someone holds after going through his or her initial treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous primarily uses the term, however, the idea can be incorporated into other addiction fellowships as well. A “get well” job generally won’t be anything too stressful or involved. Instead, it focuses more on giving the recovered addict a space to regrow responsibility and confidence. The benefit of looking for a “get well” job while in fellowships like AA is that they often offer support and networking opportunities.

Examples of “Get Well" Jobs:

  • Warehouse stocker
  • Coffee shop barista
  • Caterer
  • Retail associate

Volunteer Work

A “get well” job doesn’t necessarily need to be paid work. Volunteering at a shelter or other organization can create the same opportunity to grow confidence and responsibility as a paid job.

Benefits of a “Get Well” Job:

  • Confidence – Being able to do your job and do it well is a huge confidence booster. This is true no matter how big or small the job might seem. Approval from coworkers or supervisors is a plus, but the confidence will primarily come from a sense pride and accomplishment in oneself.

  • Self-Worth – Every individual person that holds a job is a gear that keeps that whole company running. A coffee brand wouldn’t survive unless it was selling coffee from its shops and the shop wouldn’t be selling coffee without its baristas. The idea that you belong to something and are helping in some way builds a sense self-worth.

  • Budgeting Skills – Addicts don’t have to worry about budgeting because they only live in that moment. So, money that an addict has at any given time will be used to acquire more of their drug of choice. They don’t know how to hold, save, or spread that money. A job assures a regular paycheck, which allows the recovered addict to learn to save, budget, and spend their own money in healthier ways.

  • Responsibility – Not only does a person have a responsibility to show up to their job every day, but they also have certain responsibilities while at work. This is extremely important for someone who had once not cared about much other than drinking or using. The ability to handle the responsibilities of a job will eventually transfer into other aspects of a recovered addict’s life, such as within their families and relationships.

Recovery can open up many doors, including valuable and gratifying jobs. But you can’t enjoy the benefits without taking the first step to get help. Call us at 855-737-7363 if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction. We want to help.

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